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Maurice Foley

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Consolidation Merge Data Centres
Consolidate Infrastructure
Act as Filter for All ICT Acquisitions
Ensure The Right Technology Choices Compliance, Governance & Best Practice ISO 27001 (Information Security)
PCI (Payment Card Industry Compliance)
Data Protection
FOI (Freedom of Information)
ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Standarisation Its a Lot Like... Standardise ICT Delivery:
Process e.g. the PID
Project Methodology e.g. SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) NTA ICT Management Rationalisation Reduce & Reuse:
No. of Suppliers
Amount of Hardware
Software Portfolio
Competing Service Offerings
No. of Websites Embracing New Technology CRM (xRM) – Customer Relationship Management
GIS – Geographical Information Systems
SharePoint – NEW Instance for Extranet & Collaboration
BI - Business Intelligence
Cloud (Private Cloud) Computing Day to Day ICT SUPPLIERS Trilogy Technologies – ICT Infrastructure Support & Maintenance TopSec – Mail Filtering Telecity – Data Centre 1 Revenue – Data Centre 2 Open Sky Data Systems – Software Development eBOW – Web Development Specialised Software Vendors – Multiple desktop and client/server applications Blacknight – ISP & Hosting UPC – Internet Link Gov Net – WAN DTTaS – Telephony Vodafone – Mobile Phone Digicom & Corporate Services – Printing Kefron – Off Site Tape Storage Microsoft – Desktop and Server Software Data Protection Working Group:
Managing remediation work in response to ICT issues listed in DP audit
Working with DPWG to align it with Information Security Framework
DR (Disaster Recovery):
Managing the handover as part of ICT supplier transition
Ensuring new systems are incorporated into revisons of the plan. Sample of Current Day to Day Workload cont’d Taxi
Engaged Abtran to QA software development by Open Sky to ensure VFM
Coordinating move of DR (Disaster Recovery Kit) from Telecity to Revenue. Involves, IT Force, Triology, Open Sky, Revenue, Gov Net & NVDF
Fitzwilliam staff move
Fitzwilliam building ICT decommissioning for new tenants
ICT Supplier Transition:
Managing supplier transition from IT Force to Trilogy Technologies
Extensive list of SOWs (Statement of Works) that Trilogy will be engaged on Sample of Current Day to Day Workload cont’d CRM:
Identified solution
On the Project Board
Ensuring right technology choice for the Authority
Encouraging business users to follow process to mitigate against project failure
Software Licencing:
Investigating VFM option appropriate for Authority
Out of Hours Support
Establishing best fit Out of Hours support model
HR system
Providing advice to HR Manager and Director on best approach. Sample of Current Day to Day Workload cont’d While Avoiding… Objective is to get to… The Day To Day While ensuring:
Day to day operations are unaffected
Objectives of the ICT Strategy are being met
All underpin the strategic objectives of the Authority.
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