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Summit Brainstorm

No description

Noel Aglubat

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Summit Brainstorm

Summit Brainstorm
Why do we have Summit?
What are the aspects of Summit?
How would Summit be with $$$? How would it be with no $$$?
Why do we have Summit?
What do we want delegates to feel?
What are the aspects of Summit?
How would Summit be with unlimited resources?
How would Summit be with no resources?

What do want our delegates to Feel?
Why do we have Summit?
Love x Venue
Community x Venue
Cyber Venues
Social media as a forum
Homeless Shelter
Love x Delegates
Provide safe space for dialogue among Fil-Am youth
Bring a friend initiative
Poll past delegates what speakers who they want to hear
Physical activity to represent actual action pertaining to an issue
Love x Speakers
Immigrant parent speaker
Establish rules & guidelines with speakers rigidity vs. freedom
Intimate conversations with speakers - allot time
Love x Logistics
Hugging Workshop
Google Docs
Teach Baybayin
Community x Logistics
Documentation for connecting - emails, phone #s
Social Media
Community x Speaker
Invite random passerby to share opinions
International leaders to speak
Community x Delegate
Youtube stars
LGBTQ speakers
Delegates eat with random delegates
Speakers eat with delegates
Registration sign in wall
Anger x Venue
Cigar Club
Homeless Shelter
Jail / Prison
Anger x Delegate
Force Delegates to judge each other
Racist Speaker
Stereotype Delegates
Shut-up Cards
Put people in time-out
Ask delegates about their fears and bring into Summit
Ignore delegates
Focus on injustice in community
Present a controversial opinion for dialogue
Anger x Speaker
Speaker who lived through injustice & give firsthand account
Ignore Speakers
Speaker who believes in corruption
Sleeping delegates
Speaker talk about negative aspects of culture
Anger x Logistics
Inspired x Logistics
Inspired x Speaker
Speaker with influence
Someone from military
Victims of trafficking as speakers
Inspired x Delegate
Delegate Speaker
Inspired x Venue
University Campus
Aspects vs. Emotion
Summit cruise to PI
On the moon
Scholarships for all
President Aquino
President Obama
Bruno Mars
Bon Jovi
Multi-city Summit
Fall back on connections
Great Lawn Central Park
Ask family for funds
Union Square Summit
Apartment Summit
Collab with Improve Everywhere
Your Move
No Limits
"Your Move" is a challenge to our attendees. Here is what our community is doing, here is what our community needs. What will you do? Where is your niche in our Community?

Combined with "Your Move," "No Limits" sets a ground with no confinements. Connecting with last year's theme, "Rise," the audience will now use the tools they learned to move the community and give birth to change. This is the delegate's chance to be innovative and creative, and have a sustainable impact. As young professionals, now is the time to not be afraid, but act on where our passions lie. The possibilities are endless.

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