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Solon High School

No description

Nathan Wear

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Solon High School

Solon High School
5 year state of the school update
Presented by Jake Munson, Kevin Miller, and Nathan Wear
Students are achieving at the highest levels
9 seniors with 4.0 GPA
Highest # of valedictorians in recent years
Nearly 40% of seniors have a GPA of 3.5 or higher
Largest NHS class in history of program (36 seniors and 29 juniors)
ACT composite score 23.1- continually above state average

Thoughts from the students
"Our teachers, coaches, and community push us to be our best."
"All the different clubs and organizations you can be part of within the school that have an impact on the community."
"I am most proud of our success in the classroom, athletics, and music!"
Expanded Learning Opportunities
Students have access to curriculum at his/her level

One student will graduate high school with a college minor in Spanish
Over 60 middle and high school students have been accelerated through courses to meet the needs of exceptional learners.
Kirkwood Center at the University of Iowa opening Fall of 2015

5 year vision
"Developing and assisting students to become better leaders."
"Increased student opportunities to support people outside of our fortunate district through service and giving back."
"Continue to improve our student school culture."
"Improved facilities including weight room and additional classrooms."
Increase mentor/mentee relationships for HS students to impact K-8 students through increased interactions and leadership.
High School Staff

Highly qualified and dedicated teaching staff.
Increased focus on academic standards through rigorous assessments
Classroom assessment example- PE

2015 State of the High School
Activities Participation

Vocal Music- 150 students
Instrumental Music- 80
Dance- 7
Visual Arts- 250/per year
Football - 80
Volleyball - 45
Cross Country - 60
Girls Basketball - 30
Boys Basketball - 45
Wrestling - 20
Boys Track - 35
Girls Track - 35
Boys Golf - 25
Girls Golf - 12
Boys Soccer - 42
Girls Soccer - 52
Softball - 32
Baseball - 68

Thinking back to the last 5 years, what are you most proud of at SHS?
"The commitment and perseverance of our students towards excellence"
"The success our students go on to achieve on the next level"
"I think that Solon has excelled over the past 5 years through its many achievements in academics, sports, music, and arts, etc. It has also been very innovative and cooperative in its transitions through the implementation of using SBG."
School Culture
Ability of staff and students to interact in a positive and productive manner

60+ peer leaders that support 9th grade students
Expanding student leadership opportunities
Creating leadership course for 15-16
Building capacity for students to address culture with peers when negative things occur
Fortune cookie compliments
Learner supports

System wide support for all students that need learning interventions
D and F list reduced 33% from last school year.
All active students in high school on pace to graduate on time.
Failing grades reduced 59% from 2009-2010.
Increased achievement in IEP students with reading goal (Avg. increase of +21% on Nat. Percentile)
Structured Seminar:
300+ requests for students to work with teachers for supplemental instructional opportunities in the 3rd qtr.

Guided Study Course:
Curriculum focusing on: study skills, organization, emotional intelligence, employability skills, etc.

Summer Credit Recovery Course:
Opportunity for students that might be behind on credits to help catch up over the summer.

Study Sessions:
Over 400 attendees for before and after school study sessions this year.
Thinking ahead 5 years, what would you like to see done at SHS?
From then to now...
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