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cultural][engineering - university education for agents of positive change

presentation held at www.2012waic.com

Dominik Frisch

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of cultural][engineering - university education for agents of positive change

university education for agents of positive change dimensioning the world Space Process Meaning cultural
engineering cultural
studies knowledge management logistics projects economics mental
training business informatics law 2001 2011 2006 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Founding of cultural engineering ca. 30 students/year
ca. 300 in total 10 years:
time to look back MA Prof. Renate Girmes
learning theory Magdeburg, Germany Dr. Thomas Düllo
cultural studies Prof. Dietrich Ziems
engineering systems be multidisciplinary
knowledge toolbox philosophy ...but the central tool: is oneself ! act see lat. inter-esse in the "in-between" of things lat. inter-venire going in-between Potential “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” (Marcel Proust) expand your toolbox... enhance your capacity “If you’re planning for one year, plant a seed.
For 10 years, plant a tree.
For 100 years, educate people.”

(Kuang Chung Zu,
Chinese philosopher ~645 BC) city wide recognition urban development project Impacts local Leadership
is about creating a domain
in which human beings
continually deepen
their understanding
of reality and
become more capable
of participating in the
unfolding of the world.

Ultimately, leadership is
about creating new realities.

P. Senge Alumnis "think beyond limits" "deal confidently with change
and insecurity" "see opportunites and alternatives" prepared environment potential pedagogy Clay is fashioned into vessels; but it is on their empty hollowness, that their use depends.

Laozi DDJ, §11 space A world without borders is a desert; a world of closed borders is a prison; freedom thrives in a world
of open borders.

Ralf Dahrendorf culture][engineering structure][agency system][action educational system design: double degree program with Maputo national Potentials connect spread international developing a new attitude confident interested appreciative open constructivist post-heroic responsible hopeful ...so ...and cultural][engineering multiperspective interdisciplinary a new way of seeing chaordic rhythms BA http://vimeo.com/19215241 http://vimeo.com/27152122 studium generale border crossers Senge, P. in Jaworski, J. (1998): Synchronicity, San Francisco, 3. Laozi in Jullien, F. (1999): Über die Wirksamkeit, Berlin, 153. Dahrendorf, R. (2002): Über Grenzen. Lebenserinnerungen, München, 15. renate.girmes(at)ovgu.de sociology pedagogy cultural studies engineering presenters (www.2012waic.com) socio-cultural student projects check out "Odyssee's End" http://vimeo.com/19215241 for more info. (language German) "I seem to have forgotten, what I wanted to fence-in and what I wanted to fence-out." (unknown) along and outside borders “The limits of my language are the limits of my world” (Wittgenstein) connectedness connectivity connectivism The heart is our sense for the Dasein of the other. He has heart who takes to heart the condition of the other.
Georg Franck Franck, G. (2007): Ökonomie der Aufmerksamkeit, München, 235f. sociology of space actor-network- theory prepared
environment phenomenology
of space hodology of space flows: infos, decisions, values, ideas interface management process visualization material flows cultures guerilla marketing values interaction identity media Space Process Meaning Intervening in the world initiate relational networks design learning environments shape (urban) settings raise awareness develop organizations optimize (logistical) flows coordinate activities detect (market) trends change connotations anticipate situational potential lean on its disposition obligatory semester abroad andreas wolf (wolf@ap-solutions.eu)
dominik frisch (dominik.frisch@gmail.com)
marcus splitt (msplitt@kessels-smit.com) vase



toolbox explain
tool is oneself
screwdriver + bits (circular arrangement)
enhanced toolbox
Bosch screwdriver (small)
Bosch screwdriver large



Buckau Industrie
http://www.deutsche-schutzgebiete.de/magdeburg.htm links "[...] but if we can include everything coherently and harmoniously in an overall whole that is undivided, unbroken, and without a border then our mind will tend to move in a similar way, and from this will flow an orderly action within the whole."
David Bohm sources cultural][engineering

cultural][engineering Imagefilm

Odyssee’s End (Prof. Girmes)

student association
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