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Indus River Valley


Jacob Hall

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Indus River Valley

the perfect photo of indus river. The Indus River Valley >In the Indus River around five thousand years ago the important civilization developed on the Indus River Floodplain. From about 2600.B.C to 1700.B.C a vast number of settlements were built on the banks of the Indus river. >The earliest traces of civilization in India lived along or beside the Indus River Valley . The cities of the Indus river valley civilization. They were well organized and solidly built out if brick and stone. Their drainage systems were very neat and clean, and all the house had there own drainage system. By:Tyler Conley One of the earliest evidences of human civilization in India is found in ancient Indus valley civilization. The Indus valley cities were one of the first cities that came into existence and formed the basis of civilization.

("Ancient India") Early Evidence of Human Civilizations Indus River Decline It is believed that the Indus River Valley Civilization ended due to natural catastrophe, such as flooding from the river, drought, and low food supply. Another theory is that they were invaded by other civilizations, like the Aryans, for their land and supplies. But it is not fully known how their civilization ended.

("River Valley Civilizations") The Indus River Valley Civilization settled in Ancient India for multiple reasons.
1. It stretches across the present day India,Pakistan,Bang la dash,Ne pal,Sir lank a,and Bhutan.
2. the surroundings like natural borders which consisted of mountains and the Arabian sea which sheltered them from diseases and attacks from other civilizations. Jacob Hall
Katelyn Parsley
Larry Sheppard The Important
Civilization The Earliest Traces Of Civilization The Indus River Valley Drainage Systems The water from the river fertilized and irrigated the crops plus the proximity to the river allowed boats to become a viable choice for transportation.
And the Indus River Valley Civilization began sometime around 2300 b.c. Two Reasons Why They Settled There. The Time The Indus River Valley Civilization Began. Entertainment

scientists have found a large central pool with steps leading down both ends in the city of Mohenjo-Daro. This could have been used as a giant swimming pool. Around the pool were small rooms that were dressing areas, and in those was even smaller pools that were probably private baths.
Dancing also seemed to be an activity of theirs. Martin,Phillip,"Indus Valley Civilization-Ancient Indus". Mr Donn.org,Spring,1998,N.D<India.Mr Donn.org/Indus.HTML> Works Cited Page

Martin, Phillip, " Indus Valley Civilization Daily Life". india.Mr Donn.org, Spring, 1998, September 9, 2012<india.Mr Donn.org/Indus.HTML> ("Indus Valley Ancient India") ("Indus Valley Ancient India") ("Manasihistory politics") (" Indus valley civilization daily life") ("Indus River Civilization Daily life") It was a high complex civilization that first developed some 4,500-5,000 years ago. Archaeological and historical researching has now furnished as with more details and pictures of the Indus river valley. High Complex Civilization www.RiverValleyCivilizations.com/indus.php ("Indus Valley Civilization Daily Life") ("Indus Valley Ancient India")
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