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Los Angeles

No description

Alicia Diete

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of Los Angeles

By Alicia, Christoph, Kalle & Katharina
English is the most spoken language in Los Angeles
224 languages are spoken in Los Angeles for example: Spanish, Korean, Filipino
1848: California cedes to the United States
1890: Official flag designed
1911: First Hollywood production company
1928: Walt Disney finds first lasting success
1955: Walt Disney moves to Bel Air
1960: Walk of Fame opens
2003: Walt Disney concert hall becomes a new architectuarl emblem
Los Angeles area is home to some of the most prominent and professional sport teams in the country
hosted the summer Olympic Games twice (first time in 1932, again in 1984)
Los Angeles Galaxy is the soccer team of LA
population: 3,8 million
population per square kilometer: 1,215
Visitors per year: 40,3 million
Los Angeles is the second biggest city in the USA after New York
Facts & Figures

Walk of fame
stars with names of the most famous people of the world
goes along the Hollywood boulevard and the Vine-Street
Venice was founded in 1905
Venice has canals that modeled after Venice in Italy

Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown LA was founded in 1781
It is the central business district of LA
In Downtown LA is the political center of LA located
Bel Air
Bel Air was founded in 1923
It is the noble neighbourhood of LA
A lot of famous actours live in Bel Air
Television series like "The prince of Bel Air" and "Hart to Hart" were produced in Bel Air

Hollywood sign
each letter are 15 meters high
and 137 meters long
the Hollywood sign is in the Hollywood
Hills, which is over the borough
the team colors are blue, gold and white
the Mascot called: Cozmo -->
he is a frog-like an alien
first match on 22th march 2014
against the Orange Country Blues
home stadium is Track & Field Stadium
Facts & Figures
The population of Hollywood is 210.824
The population per sq km is 3231
It was founded in 1903
Los Angeles
H. J. Whitley founded Hollywood
In 1911, the first film cooperation came to Hollywood (The Nestor company)
The first film companies were located in New york, but the film industry didn't want to subordinate the Motion Picture company
so they moved to Hollywood
Population of Los Angeles
The biggest film studios in Hollywood
Universal-, MGM-, Twentieth Century Fox-, Paramount-, Warner Bros., Walt Disney-, Dreamworks-, Columbia Picture- and Bavaria studios
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