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Market Research

No description

Amisha Gadhvi

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Market Research

To understand how different types of market research can contribute to marketing plans.

Market Research
What is Market Research?

Let's Recap what did we learn from last week?
Learning Objectives
All learners will be able to recall the marketing, limitations and constraints acts and explain these acts for the examples on how the acts are broken and why.
Most learners will be able to go further and use the ASA website and design a products/service of you own choice by summarizing the act and then breaking as many principles in the code of practice as possible.
Some learners will be able to choose a pressure group and after researching the group explain how the pressure group will affect the operations of a retail firm.
To be able to explain what different types of research methods exist in market research: including Primary and Secondary Research, Qualitative and Quantitative research and demonstrate how they can be incorporated in marketing plans for Primark or Oxfam.

Market Research
Let's Put our knowledge to the test
Early finishers: go on Task 2 and Task 3 of the worksheet
Fill in the Limitations and Constraints on Marketing Activities worksheet Task 1 and when that has been completed swap your sheet with the person next to you and give your mark.
Feedback your ideas
Think of a time when you or your friends/family was approached by a market researcher....
Key Words
Marketing Plan
Primary Research
Discussion in Pairs
Be Punctual-If you arrive late more then 3 times further action will be taken.
No chewing in class.
Respect each other, how you would want to be respected.
No foal language.
If you want to ask a question please raise your hand.
Mobile phones kept in bag on silent when teaching lesson.
If unsure about anything, please ask don’t suffer in silence.
Ground Rules Reminder
Cup Exercise Throughout Lesson (Formative Feedback)
Cup Exercise-Put a Red/Amber or green cup
on your desk that best describes your level of understanding throughout the lesson of the topics covered.
Red: I don’t understand what is going on
Amber: I sort of get it
Green Cup: I understand it well, and could explain to others.

In Groups of 3 you have 5 minutes
On Flip chart Paper write your
answers down:
What is market research?
Where is market research collected?
Who collects Market Research?
Why do you think it is important to carry out market research?
When should market research be collected?
How is market research analysed?
Once collected,What information would be important to make decisions?

Tell your peer your experience...
Feedback to the class in five minutes
Market Research
Primary Research Internal and External
Secondary Research
Secondary Research
Internal and External
Quantitative Research
Qualitative Research
Limitations of Market Research
Create a short Presentation on Powerpoint in group of three to show:

What is the definition of the word?. (Be able to explain in your own words)

Can you find some examples to explain what your word stands for?

How does the word you have researched contribute to marketing plans for a company?
Market Research Test
Match the right types under the right heading
Other Card: Can you think of any other methods?
Write down when you have used primary and/secondary research?
Quantitative and Qualitative –Match the right words to the headings


Future of Market Research
Q1. What is the importance of data for businesses?

Q.2 What is the future of market research?

Assignment Task 3A
Make notes on the guideline sheet given.

Assignment Deadline
Next Tuesday 8th April at 9.00
What is a PESTLE Analysis and why do businesses use them?

What is a SWOT Analysis and why do businesses use them?

What are SMART Objectives and why do businesses use them?

Write down your answers and bring in your research and we will discuss in class next week.
Did we Meet all of these? Lets have a look...
Review of the Learning Objectives

On the pink post it note tell me what you learnt?
On the yellow post it note tell me what you need to know more of?
Learning Objectives Continued
To be able to Identify the limitations of market research: costs/effectiveness,validity, accuracy and reliability of data collected and evaluate how these methods would have an impact on market research for the organisation.

Activity 5 Minutes
Feedback to the class in five minutes
Activity 10 minutes
• To be able to evaluate their learner experiences through discussion of market research they have participated in i.e. Questionnaire etc and share with the class and what do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of these methods you have mentioned?
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