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Here's My dollar


Samantha Wallace

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Here's My dollar

Here's My Dollar community volunteers A tour is a short trip to a place of interest with a guide. Volunteers are people who do a job willingly without getting paid. tour Our class took a tour of the science museum. Sometimes volunteers work in museums. The community planted trees. thrilled To be thrilled is to be very excited or happy. I was thrilled when everyone came to my party. slogan an easy-to-remember phrase that is used in advertisements or by special groups or organizations. Have you ever been on a tour? What did you see? Where else might volunteers work? A community is a group of people. Why should people in a community help each other? When was a time that you were thrilled? Why should a slogan be easy to remember? “Service with a smile” might be a good slogan for a store. Grownups are adults. The grownups watched the children play. How are grownups different from teens? The girls deserve praise for their hard work. If you deserve something, you have a right to it. When do you deserve praise? deserve interviewed A person who is interviewed gives answers to questions that someone else asks. The mayor was interviewed on the radio. What would you tell about yourself if you were interviewed? http://kidsastronomy.com/solar_system.htm grownups
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