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Alphabet Book Prezi Vincent Ota, Austin Duncan

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Austin Duncan

on 20 June 2011

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Transcript of Alphabet Book Prezi Vincent Ota, Austin Duncan

M I P A Washington Apples are an important part of Washington State Agriculture. The Red Delicious apple is the most popular of our exports. It makes up 30% of apples grown in-state and 48% of apples exported to other countries. These are our 9 most famous apples in order most popular to least, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, BraeBurn, Honey Crisp, Cripps Pink, Cameo. It has become common to see apple trees in peoples yards when you walk through a neighborhood, because we all know that Washington Apples are the best!. Boeing Washington State Industry Boeing is one of the key industry airplane makers. Boeing makes the most commercial jetliners and militery aircraft combined. Boeing also makes rotorcraft, electronic and defense systems, missiles, satelliting, launch vegicles and advanced information, communication systems, and is a major company that gelps NASA. Boeing is still creating new, more efficient airplanes of their commercial airplane collection Vincent Ota 1 Apples Austin Duncan 1 Agriculture Austin Duncan 2 Puyallup Fair Culture Tulalip Indian Tribe B T The Puyallup fair is an important part of Washington Culture. It is the single largest event held in Washington. It is held on over 160 acres of land. The buildings can be rented which means it is a valuable community resource. Until 2006 it was known as the "Western Washington Fair". Over 7,500 employees hired to work the event. That is why the Puyallup Fair is a big part of washington culture. The Tulalip Indians live on a Reservation. The Reservation is rich with natural resources such as marine waters, tidelands, fresh water creeks and lakes, wetlands, forests and developable land. The Reservation is meant and is for the use and benefit of Indian Tribes. The Reservation is 22,000 acres and its boundaries were made by the 1855 Treaty and by order of President Grant. As of April 19, 2004, the Tribes have 3,611 people living in the Reservation. The Tribes in Tulalip are the Snohomish, Snoqualmie, Skukomish, and other allied tribes. S pace needle Vincent Ota 2 Austin Duncan 3 Kanakas Elective Kanaka is actually a derogatory term that they used for . Some of the slaves that came were willing slaves but most of them were brought by a false show of something or just stolen from their family. More than 57,000 were brought in. The people that work there soon were marrying other types of races. Their decendents can be found in British Columbia. K The space needle is one of Washington's greatest tourist attractions. From the top of the space needle you can see Downtown Seattle, the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, and the surrounding islands. The Space Needle is the tallest structure west of the Mississippi. It was built to withstand 200mph winds and up to 9.1 magnitude earthquakes. It has 25 lighting rods to protect the structure from lighting damage. It was built as an attraction during the 1962 Worlds fair, were over 20,000 people rode the elevator in those days. These industries provide financial benefits to the people of Washington state. The fishing industries provided estimated about 16,374 jobs in 2006. Washington fishing is something that generations of people do that is passed down. Washington fishing is something people do for culture in their own families. Washington's commercial and recreational fishing industries are extremely important to the state. F WA Fishing Industry Vincent Ota 3 Industry The Xbox is a sixth generation game console. It was manufactured by Microsoft. It came out on November 15 in North America. It was Microsoft's first venture into the gaming market. X Xbox Vincent Ota 4 Industry Walla Walla Sweet Onions are an important part of Washington's Agriculture. Walla Walla Sweets were first created when a french soldier, Peter Pieri, found an Italian sweet onion seed and brought it to Walla Walla Valley. Impressed by the hardiness of the onion Pieri and Italian farmers started to harvest the plant which makes up most of the Walla Walla gardening industry. The Walla Walla Onions sulfur content is half of a normal onion. Walla Walla Sweets are 90% water. This is why Walla Walla Sweets are an important part of Washington Agriculture. walla Walla Sweet Onions are an important part of Washington's Agriculture. Walla Walla Sweets were first created when a french soldier, Peter Pieri, found an Italian sweet onion seed and brought it to Walla Walla Valley. Impressed by the hardiness of the onion Pieri and Italian farmers started to harvest the plant which makes up most of the Walla Walla gardening industry. The Walla Walla Onions sulfur content is half of a normal onion. Walla Walla Sweets are 90% water. This is why Walla Walla Sweets are an important part of Washington Agriculture. W Austin Duncan 4 Agriulture Walla Walla Sweet Onions U University of Washington Vincent Ota 5 Elective The University of Washington is a research university in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest university in the Northwestern United States and one of the oldest on the West Coast. It has three campuses one in Seattle, Tacoma, and Bothell. Its operating budget of 2010 was about $3.5 billion. UW opened officially on November 4, 1861, as the Territorial University of Washington. Austin Duncan 5 Settlement J Strait of Juan de Fuca Austin Duncan 6 Geography The Strait of Juan de Fuca is a body of water about 95 miles long. Forming the outlet for the Georgia Strait and Puget Sound, connecting both to the Pacific Ocean. It is part of the international border between the United States and Canada. It was named in 1787 by fur trader Charles William Barkley, after Juan de Fuca, a Greek navigator. Puget Sound is the narrower waters south of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. L It has been about 200 years since the amazing expodition of Lewis and Clark. They were sent to study the plants animal life and geography. One of Thomas Jefferson's goals was to find a way to communicate with asia. They were joined by an Indian girl named sacajawea for their interpreter. Vincent Ota 6 Exploration Grand Coulee Dam is a gravity dam on the Columbia River in the U.S. state of Washington built to produce hydroelectric power and provide irrigation. It was made between 1933 and 1942, with two power plants. A third power station was built in 1974 to increase energy production. It is a the largest electric power producing plant in North America, and one of the biggest concrete structures in the world. The Dam was approved by Congress in 1935 and it was finished being built in 1942. G Austin Duncan 7 Geography Grand Coulee Dam H Xbox live came out on November 15, 2002. This allowed the gamers to play online with other gamers. The town was named after President Herbert Hoover. Jesse Jackson and twenty other people with him built 50 little shacks called shanties. The Health Department was noticed and soon burnt down the shacks. The people that lived their sooned started to rebuild. Jesse Jackson was a public resident and the other residents were soon calling him Mayor. Vincent Ota 7 Government Hooverville Issaquah Austin Duncan 8 Settlement Issaquah is one of Washington's major settlements. Issaquah is a city in King County. Issaquah is a word for the Native American name, "the sound of birds". This city was founded in April 29, 1892, and started as a small mining town. It was origionally made to help the mining industry on Squak and Cougar Mountain. N Vincent Ota 8 Exploration The Northwest Passage runs through the Atlantic Ocean. It is right next to the northern coast of North America. The Atlantic and the Pacific are atatched by the Canadian Arctic Archipelago waterways. This was supposed be a possible trade route to China. The Canadian Government thinks they own part of the Northwest Passage. Lewis and Clark Expodition Nort Northwest Passage E Ellinsburg Rodeo Culture Austin Duncan 9 R The Ellinsburg Rodeo is a big part of Washington State Culture.The Ellinsburg Rodeo was started in 1923. It's held on labor day weekend in Ellinsburg, Washington. It started as a competition between ranch hands, but became a popular professional rodeo. It was named the second best rodeo in the Pacific Northwest and it is in the top 25 rodeos in America. O Government Vincent Ota 9 The Oregon Trail is a huge part of Washington Settlement. The Oregon Trail is a historic wagon route that extends over 2,000 miles. It was widely used in the 1840's until the railroads came in the late 1860's. It connects the Missouri River to the Oregon Territory. Trips on this trail would often take 6 months, and was hazardous in the winter. Dave Reichert D Deception Pass Austin Duncan 11 Geography Deception Pass is a strait in northwest Washington that separates the Whidbey and Fidalgo island. It connects Skagit Bay with the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The areas around Deception pass have been the home of Salish tribes for thousands of years. It was mapped during the Vancouver Expidition. It had been nicknamed "Deception" because it looked as if it were a narrow bay, but not a strait. Seattle Music Austin Duncan 12 Culture The Music of Seattle is what makes up the music of Washington. Seattles alternative-rock lead to grunge music and Nirvana. Seattle is home to influential music and venues. Seattle music first began in the 1800's, when European settlers arrived and founded Seattle. The first Music of Seattle was various Chinese Music. Dave Reichert has over 37 years of public service experience for Washington. For a while Dave was part of the U.S Air Force Reserve. Dave joined King County Sheriff's Office in 1972. When Dave was given leadership the county saw a decreas in violent crimes. He has won the valor award two times for the King County Sheriff's office and was honored with the Washington Policy Center's Champion of Freedom Award. C Austin Duncan 13 Washington Cherries Agriculture Washington Cherries are a big part of Washington Agriculture. We produce many kinds of cherries such as the Celan, Tieton, Bing, Rainier, Lapins, Skeena, and Sweetheart cherries. In America our exported cherries are seconded in amount to California. Our cherries are sweet and are grown all over the state. They add more fruit to the exports of Washington. Y Yakima War Native American On October 5th 1855 there was gunfire between Yakima Chief Kamiakin's Warriors and Major Granville O. Haller's troops. There was a stand off between the two groups. Haller's group was forced to retreat. Kamiakin and his people were friendly and in peace with the catholic missionaries. Through 1818-1862 Isaac Stevens said the white miners won't be able to trespass the tribal area. Austin Duncan 10 Oregon Trail Settlement Vincent Ota 10 Q The Quinault had good fishing access to catch fishes like salmon and steelhead. They were really good for making cedar canoes since they gathered wood a lot. On July 13 1775 whites, like settlers and traders, discovered Quinault and other western homelands. Whites began to use the natural resources that the area provided and soon started industries. The Quinault people started of friendly, but when pioneers showed up with their different ways the Quinault people were a little ticked. Vincent Ota 11 Native Americans Quinault Indian Tribes V Exploration George Vancouver Exploration Vincent Ota 12 Native American George Vancouver served in the Royal Navy, he was also an explorer. He searched for an eastward passage that leads to the great lakes and to find the true character of the Strait of Juan De Fuca. Vancouver and a lieutenant went the way of the Cape of Good Hope to Australia. Vancouver carefully checked out part of the Southwest Coast. They checked out King Georges Sound. GO DOGS Alphabet Book by Austin Duncan and Vincent Ota. Z Vincent Ota 13 Government Joseph Zarelli Joseph Zarelli is one person who represents the 18 Legislative District in the Washington State Legislature. He lives in the community of Ridgfield and was elected to Senate in 1995. He owns a company that specializes in risk managment. He's served in the Navy. He also has an associates degree from college. Thank You And That Was Our Presentation
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