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Komal Mistry

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Globalization

Social/ Cultural
Globalization is the process of creating a global economy.
Populations may mimic the international flow of capital and labor markets in the form of immigration and the merger of cultures.
Foreign resources and economic measures may impact different native cultures and may cause assimilation of a native people.
Promotes global economic growth, creates jobs, makes companies more competitive, and lowers prices for consumers.
Global Business
Information Technology
Communication Technology
Transport Technology
Roads, rail, sea
& air travel
Airline Transport
To make transportation
more affordable and also
environmentally friendly
by using solar power,
electricity & ethanol fuel.
Mobile Phones
Voice Mail
Text Messaging
It allows people in countries around the world to instantly contact each other through email, chat programs and video calls.
It is an application of computers and telecommunication to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data.
Uses the information provided by the satellites to provide accurate information on locating on the land, in the sea and in the air.
Trade Organizations
Tax Havens
Global Financial Market

The business arrangement of hiring outside contractors to produce either parts or finished products.
A network of approx. 100 of the world's banks and large brokerages linked by computers. This enables traders to buy or sell foreign currencies, bonds or stocks.
It has 159 members.
34 countries are part
of this organization.
28 members in this organization
21 members involved
Comprise 1,000 of the world’s top corporations
Trading Blocks
54 African states
Foreign deals, contracts, invoices, shipping manifests, product inquiries, financial transfers, and other business activities can now occur in real time using the internet, or cell phones, etc.
It has transformed the globe into one global market.
Increased the scale of trade between countries, as these massive container ships are able to carry larger quantities of goods, including oil and grain.
As a result, trade has become increasingly international.
Enabled the expansion of tourism and trade across continents.
Faster, safer, more fuel efficient and therefore cheaper to run, as well as being more environmentally friendly and costing less to purchase.
Expansion of Roman Empire was an early form of globalization.
The modern globalization began after WWII, with the establishment of the UN and the trade relations between countries.
Globalization has increased dramatically.
Globalization has increased the interdependence of all nations.
A non-profit organization run by the Swiss government to build worldwide communities, influence financial strategies, and help improve global initiatives.
It is a state, country or territory where certain taxes are levied at a low rate or not at all.
It is an organization that tracks economic trends, analyzes countries' financial problems, provides expertise to governments and provides a forum for discussions.
The purpose of the IMF is to promote financial stability, prevent, and solve economic crises, encourage growth, reduce poverty.
It is a trade organization for the advancement of democracy and market economies.
Promote economic growth
Expand employment
Improve the standard of living
Sustain financial stability
Enhance world trade
Promotes trade liberalization throughout the world.
A forum for negotiations
A set of rules
Dispute settlement
Countries can discuss their trade and find solutions.
The WTO's rules and agreements have been negotiated and signed by governments of member countries to st guidelines for trade.
Its' goal is to foster open and free trade among its members, increase prosperity and economic growth.
The organization has decreased tariffs and trade barriers between its members which has increased exports.
Expansion of NAFTA
The purpose of the EU is to promote peace, economic growth, government co-operation, strong bonds between people, political integration and to ensure that the population can prosper in a safe society.
Single market allows labour, goods, services and investments to flow freely across borders.
It is for Africa’s development, peace and integration.
It is a set of rules surrounding the movement of goods, services, and investments across North America.
It eliminates tariffs and other trade barriers, and promote fair competition among the three countries, which are Canada, United States, and Mexico.
Since it allows a free flow of goods and services, it provides businesses with access to better raw materials, talent, capital and technology.
Since labour costs are low in Mexico, manufacturing jobs have been lost to Mexico.
Sweatshops are factories in underdeveloped and developing countries where the employees work in unsafe environments, treated unfairly and have no chance to address these conditions.
Sweatshops pay poverty wages.
It is a company that is completely or partly owned by another corporation that owns more than half of the subsidiary's stocks.
Problems emerges among countries with different economic rules.
As global competition grows more intense, each country grasps any tool to gain advantage in others’ markets while protecting their own.
Institutions are in place to shape globalization along with public policy tools that aim for greater security.
Bilateral free-trade agreements have opened trade in the global economy over the last two decades
Developed nations can maintain their share of world markets by making more sophisticated products and incorporating technological prowess at every stage.
World Bank
It is an organization of 186 member countries that provides monetary and technical support for developing countries.
Composed of two separate institutions
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)
International Development Association (IDA)
The World Bank provides loans and grants to poor countries to assist with education, health, infrastructure, farming, environmental issues, resource management and other economic concerns.
International Trade
Globalization has increased the flow of goods, services, and capital across borders can boost economic activity and enhance prosperity.
Globalization can even lessen the chance of war.
Western democratic system has an impact on politics.
Competition has forced many companies to fire their workers in order to cut costs, boost efficiency and increase profits.
Imports and exports have increased due to global demand.
Creates inequalities in the international distribution of income.
Unregulated fiance capital grew, ultimately causing the crash which leads to power of global markets.
Popular Culture
Cultural Homogenization
The impact of mainstream culture especially the western culture in the 21st century
It is the homogenization of different cultural practices into one blended culture.
It is a process in which members of one cultural group adopt the beliefs and behaviors of another group.
Due to international migration, many cultures has evolved to the mainstream culture.
It is an organization of countries that strives for world peace and social advancements.
It has 192 countries.
To work together to help poor people live a better life, to conquer hunger, disease and to encourage respect for each other's rights and freedoms.
To keep peace throughout the world.
To develop friendly relations among nations
Because of advanced technologies, goods and services are able to flow freely across borders.
Through internet, many financial activities can be made.
Due to competition, companies are building sweatshops to cut down their costs.
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