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How to Lace your shoes

This prezi shows you 5 different ways to lace your shoes :) if you would like any more ways, just leave a comment and i will help send you a link :) (writing blog #2)

Vanessa Huynh

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of How to Lace your shoes

Are you ever bored of
lacing your shoes the
same old way over, and over, and over and over? Have you ever wanted
to try something new? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER! Most people are familiar
with the "cross lacing" style People tend to use this style because... It's the "traditional" look It's simple and easy And it is REALLY comfortable! BUT! It corrugates the shoe :( You can tie your
shoes according to
the type of shoe and
what you use it for. Hiking boots I would suggest straight double lacing Pros Cons Evens Out pressure on your foot Reduces snagging Lengthens the ends of the laces by 17% Looks Messy Ties on one side instead of the middle Now how to do it :) 1: The lace is run straight across the bottom (grey section) and emerges through both bottom eyelets. 2. One end of the lace (yellow end) runs straight up the right side, is fed into and runs straight across the second set of eyelets.
3. Both ends now run straight up the left side, each skipping one eyelet before feeding in two eyelets higher up.
4. Continue running both ends across the shoe, then straight up two eyelets at a time.
5. At the top of the shoe, the laces end up on the same side and the shoelace knot is tied at that point.
Get it? GOOD ;) Now on to... Running shoes I would personally say...
use the Train Track lacing Pros Cons Neat look Holds super tight Harder to tighten Shortens the lace ends Works to hold up high sided converse How To Do It 1. The lace is run straight across the bottom (grey section) and the ends emerge through both bottom eyelets. 2. Both ends are run straight up on the outside and are fed in through the next set of eyelets up the shoe.

3. The ends are run alongside each other on the inside and emerge through the same set of eyelets on the other side. This will be a tight squeeze because it will be the second pass of shoelace through those eyelets.
4. Repeat steps (2) and (3), alternating between running straight up on the outside or straight across on the inside, until both ends reach the top eyelets Converse or DC shoes And for the most simple.... I would choose the one hand tie lacing Pros Cons You can tighten your shoes with one hand Easy to lace Looks nice with DC shoes and Converse No need to tie a bow at the top, you can just tuck the leftover lace under the tongue of the shoe It's a loose fit, so you can just slide your feet in, no need to untie then re-tie your shoes um... I can't think of any XD How to do this AMAZING look <3 1. Take a lace that's slightly shorter than usual and begin by tying a knot in one end. 2. Feed the un-knotted end of the lace from inside the top right eyelet and pull it through until stopped with the knot snug against the eyelet.
3. Zig-zag the lace through the eyelets down to the bottom of the shoe 4. The loose (blue) end can simply be tucked into the lacing or tucked under the tongue of the shoe to keep it from being stepped on. D O U L C B E O O D L U R E L C S A E ! Now a-days people LOVE the Alot of people LOVE the Checker Boad Lacing You can easily slip them on or off because they are a loose fit! So I will show yu the HOW TO! 1. Start with two pairs of different color laces, preferably the wide, flat variety. 2. With one color (orange in my diagram), lace the shoe using "Straight (Easy)" Lacing.
Straight (easy) Lacing 3. With the other color (purple in my diagram), start at the bottom of the shoe and weave the lace in and out of the other lace until you reach the top. 4. Fold around the top lace and head back down, weaving out and in until you reach the bottom.
5. Continue across the shoe until you're out of room or out of lace, whichever comes first.
6. Tuck all the loose ends of the laces into the shoe.
1. The lace runs straight across the bottom (grey section) and the ends are fed into both bottom eyelets.
2. One end of the lace (blue end) is fed straight up the left side all the way to, and emerges from, the top left eyelet.

3. The other end (yellow end) runs straight up the right side, emerges and runs straight across the second set of eyelets. 4. The same end (yellow end) works its way up and across back and forth through the remaining eyelets. Hope yu liked my prezi and learned alot ;)
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