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The Four Horse Men

No description

Alivia Naus

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of The Four Horse Men

-Stuhldreher -Layden -Crowley -Miller
The Four Horseman we will be talking about...
Opening Paragraphs
Rice uses the allusion to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, a biblical story in the New Testament

Begins his position toward the teams
The Four Horsemen


Rhetoric Devices
Rice promotes a biased tone of admiration

We can see several examples of this throughout his article
Establishing His Position
About the Author
Four Horseman Background
Better known as the Four Horseman of the apocalypse
Represent conquest, famine, war, and death.
Henry Grantland Rice was know for his elegant sports writing

His works have been published in many newspapers and even broadcast over the radio
Notre Dame team
Best offensive team of the time
Members of the specific offense: Miller, Crowley, Stuhldreher, and Layden.
3 years- only lost two games from
The Four Horseman American Football Team
combo of metaphors and similes
The Four Horseman to be like gods
nature vs. human approach
All of these examples give off ethos, pathos, and logos
Ethos is shown through Rice explaining every aspect of the game.
Points to mention:
Play by play sections throughout
Background info
Origin of the Notre Dame Team
Logic can be seen when Rice describes the opposing teams battles.
¨The Army had great backs in Wilson and Wood, but the the Army had no such quartet, who seemed to carry the mixed blood of the tiger and the antelope. ¨
"The South Bend cyclone opened like a zephyr"
Zephyr is a westward wind.
Created through:
man vs nature
Army vs. Cyclone

"But silence fell over the cadet sector for just a second as
Crowley ran around the Army's right wing for 15 yards,
Wilson hauled him down on the 33 yard line.
Walsh, the Western captain, was hurt in the play but soon resumed.
Miller got 7 and Layden got 8 and then, with the ball on the Army's 20 yard line,
the cadet defense rallied and threw Miller in his tracks." Pg. 612 para.12
"It was Western speed and perfect interference that once more brought the Army down."
"Even the stout and experienced Army line was meeting more than it could hold."
More Examples:
Examples of this may include any mentions of yard lines and actual team play.
Another Example of Ethos
Described from the Last Testament of the bible, Jesus Christ opens the first four seals on the book of god's right hand, which summons 4 horseman. The horseman basically bring upon the apocalypse or judgement day.
Image to World Activity:
Now compare what you think about think about this image:
What do you think when you see these pictures?

How do these compare?
Consider what you know about each
Think about who the people are and their back ground
Write down in 1 subject notebook.
¨Those who have tackled a cyclone can understand.¨ pg 614 Final paragraph
¨Coach McEwan
sent one of his finest teams into action an aggressive organization that fought to the last play around the first rim of darkness, but when
Rockne rushed his Four Horsemen
to the track they rode down everything in sight.¨ pg 610 para. 5
¨The South Bend Cyclone roared 85 yards to a touchdown¨
Intro Activity:
Listen to us reading the intro. From the text, how does Rice set the basis for the rest of the passage?
Right this down in your notebook.
Image on pg 615
Grantland Rice
People reading the paper
Notre Dame vs. Army
Overall sense of terror and bias toward Notre Dame
A legend was created within a legend
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