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The Westward Expansion

No description

Samantha Gram

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of The Westward Expansion

The Westward Expansion
The Westward Expansion happened during the 19th century. In the 19th century a lot of things happened during the expansion: the Lewis and Clark expedition, the Louisiana Territory (purchase), the mountain men, Santa Fe Trail, Texas revolution, the Alamo, Manifest Destiny, Mormon Trail, Oregon trail, California Gold Rush, Indian Removal Act, Mexican - American War, Second Great Awakening, and Native Americans , Gold Rushers, Andrew Jacks. Native Americans, Gold Rushers, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson. Native on, the Battle of San Jacinto. Native Amercan's, Gold Rushers, Andrew Jackson, and Thomas Jefferson were all a part of expanding the West. They could expect Mount Mckinley, Mount Rclinier, and Mount Adams. The west was valuable to the United States because it gave us more opportunities, more land, and new resources.

Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory off of Napolean, he needed a crew to explore the new land, make maps, and gather resources. Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and Corps of Discovery were sent on an expedition to explore the Louisiana country. They set off the summer of 1803. This effected the U.S. by it created accurate maps, growth of fur trade, and a mistaken view of Great Plains.
California Gold Rush
Indian Removal Act
On May 28 1830 Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act. The act called for the government to negotiate treaties that would require Natives to relocate West.This act was mostly for the south. The government wanted to move the Indians east from the Mississippi River to the West of it. Most of the natives were from groups such as Cherokee, Chotaw,Creek, Semirole, and Chickasaw.. Because of this act the bond between Natives was broken.
The Mexican and American War.
The California Gold Rush begun on January 24,1884.
Samuel Brannan, Frank James, Seth Kinman, and James Lick are all examples of gold rushers. The first sight of gold was discovered by John Marshall ate Sutter mill. When John discovered the gold he wanted to keep it to himself so no one came and got it, but not being lucky, his foundings go out and people from all over went to go get gold. The California Gold Rush was the most electrifying event in America.
This war started in the 1846 and ended in 1848. this war was to try to settle the border dispute. This war mostly took place in Mexico City. The war started after President Polks attemps to buy California failed. Since Mexico lost we gained California, Nevada, and Utah.
Lewis and Clark
in 1843-1869 setteler's traveled along the Oregon trail. the settelers bagun migrating west. This trail covered locations from the Mississippi River all the way to Oregon City. The way we got this trail was because fur traders needed a trail to go out west. Because of this trail we recieved more land.
Oregon Trail
Manifest Destiny
The Anglo-Saxon Americans touched on issues of religion, money, race, patriotism, expanding, and morality. This happened in the 19th century, in the Oregon Territory, California, Mexican land in the Southwest, and, in the 1850s, Cuba. This happened because of divine sanction for the territorial expansion of the United States. This opened many doors. Not only did Americans physically migrate all the way across the country with gusto, Americans now had the mentality that it was their "God given right" to do so
Louisiana Territory/Purchase
Second Great Awakening
Napolean offered some land to
Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson bought all of the Louisiana Territory on April 30, 1803. Thomas believed in a republic of small farmers and that required land. This doubled the size of the United States
Mountain Men
Jedidiah Smith and Jim Beckwourth
were both mountain men. William Henry
Ashley created a trading arrangment called
the rendezvous system. Under this system,
indivisual trappers came to a pre-arranged
site for a rendezvous with traders from the east. The trappers got supplies from those traders and paid them with fur. This happened every summer 1825-1840. This occured in the Farwest so that thsy could have fur for Beaver hats that was the fashion trend at the time. The eartherners got the hats they needed
Santa Fe Trail
William Becknell opened the Santa Fe Trail for trading. The Santa Fe Trail was in 1821 and ran from New Mexico to Missouri. The people were eager for new merchandise. The trail became a national road connecting the U.S. to the new southwestern territories
Texas Revolution
This happened between the 1790s and 1800s. the Great Awakening happened all over America.
the Christians believed that everyone should be religious. This mostly involved the christians. the Second Great Awakening was a huge religious movement all over America. This happened because everyone should be religious like they were. We got all of our religions from this awakening.
Mormon Trail
The members of the Jesus of Christ of Latter Day Saints moved to Utah in 1847. the members wanted religion From this we gained more religions.
The Mexican and American War
This war happened between 1846 to 1848. It mostly took place in Mexico City to settle border disputes. The war started after President Polks attempt to buy California failed. Because Mexica lost we gained California, Nevada, and Utah.
American and Tejano citizens led Texas to independence from Mexico in 1836. Texas wanted independence. The diverse culture of Texas has developed from the contributions of many different groups.
The Alamo
This was a fight between Santa Anna and the Texans. This happened in 1836 in San Antonio. It was to declare Texas a free and independent republic. This discouraged more rebellion.
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