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The New Deal & WWII

No description

Aspen Gatz

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of The New Deal & WWII

Were the Roosevelt Administration and the New Deal programs effective in overcoming the Great Depression and rebuilding the U.S. economy?
Though the New Deal was not successful in overcoming the Great Depression it was successful in stabilizing the economy by re-building portions of it.
The Question:
Why it didn't work
The New Deal, although well devised wasn't what got American back on it's feet. The many programs were what stopped things from worsening but it wasn't doing enough to fix the nation as a whole. They were taking money as more were being created. Each time a round of programs wouldn't work, more were created.
What did work
America entered World War II, creating new jobs for Americans who could then bring home a steady pay check. They could then go out and spend their money therefore allowing circulation to occur within our economy once more. It was with this event that America finally turned round.
What was the New Deal?
The New Deal was a mass creation of programs that the Roosevelt Administration created in an effort to re-build the U.S economy. These mass programs, also known as Alphabet soup, as there were many of them. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." This familiar saying was of President Franklin Roosevelt. He said this as he presented The New Deal to the American People. His plan had "The Three R's" of which were supposed to get America back on it's feet. They were Relief, Recovery, and Reform. He relieved the banks as his first action, giving them a holiday to collect themselves. The recovery and reform are referring to the many programs he planned to pass and the adaptations the American people would have to make to them, therefore in time fixing America.
Aspen Gatz
The New Deal & WWII
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