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Environmental Science- Endangered Species Project

No description

Nina Berezowska

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Environmental Science- Endangered Species Project

Appearance Prey & Predators Reasons for Endangerment Endangered Species Project Prey - habitat loss

- hunted/captured for pet trade

- sickness from pollutants

- natural disasters

- human disruption Siau Island Tarsier Tarsier Tumpara By Nina Berezowska - light gray or brown

- eyes 16 mm. in diameter

- long tail with scaly underside

- white spots behind ears

- long & powerful hind legs Efforts to Protect Species - sanctuaries set up in the Philippines

- laws passed to stop capture and habitat loss

- research continues to help - large insects & small vertebrae Predators - birds of prey
- small carnivores
- large snakes Fun Facts - each eye weights more than it's brain

- can jump 40 times its body length

-can turn it's head 180 degrees

- lives entirely in trees, even when sleeping and giving birth
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