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Arielle Perez

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Volleyball!

By: Mariella Sanchez & Arielle Perez
History of Volleyball
Invented in 1895
William G. Morgan
Originally called Mintonette
Can You Dig It?
Rules of the game
6 players on each side of the court
Combination of basketball, handball, tennis, and baseball
3 players in the front 3 in the back
Maximum of 3 hits per side one individual can not hit the ball twice in a row
For the ball to be out it has to be outside of the court lines
If the ball touches the court line it is in
Can not make contact with the net unless it doesn't affect the play
Underhand-Player holds the ball in one hand, swings the other in an upward below the waist and strikes the ball from the bottom with a fist.
Overhand-A serve in which the player tosses the ball with one hand and strikes in the air above her head.
Jump serve- The server throws the ball high into the air makes a approach and makes contact with the ball, sending it over the net.
When serving you can not go over the step or go over the lines unless it's a jump serve.
Ball can touch net but it has to go over on other side.
Volleyball Lingo
Can not block a serve.
Kill: A successful, legal, point-scoring play from a spike,
tip or block.
Pancake: Placing a flat hand on the ground (palm down) and letting the ball bounce off back of hand.
Sideout: Your team needs to kill the ball while we are in serve reception.
Dig: Stopping the ball from hitting your side of the court.
Ace: A serve when the ball lands in the opponents side without being touched by a player.
Setting Style

1. Bring your hands together.

2. Put your hands together with your finger tips touching.

3. Open up your hands, forming a triangle with your index fingers and thumbs.

4. Bring your fingers apart to a distance that would be perfect for placing a ball.
Kiss My Ace!
Middle Hitter: A player who hits and blocks at the middle of the net between the two outside hitters.
Outside Hitter: A player who hits and blocks on the front left side of the court.
Libero: A defensive specialist position who must wear a contrasting jersey color from teammates who can replace any back-row player without prior notice to officials.
Spiking is the act of scoring a point by slamming the ball over the net into the opposing court effectively and aggressively.
Setter: the only player who will run up to the net once a teammate digs the ball.
You can spike from the front and back row.
If you are going to spike you have to call a number either 1, 5, or 9.
1: top left side of the court
5: middle of the court
9: top right side of the court
5. After the ball is brought into your hands push the ball out extending as far as you can.
Red: Left back side of the court
White: Middle back of the court
Blue: Right back side of the court
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