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michale mourpurgo

some information about michale mourpurgo

william palmer

on 15 March 2011

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Transcript of michale mourpurgo

MICHAEL MORPURGO Michael Morpurgo is arguably one of the most popular authors in the uk ! He was born on the 5th of october 1943 in Hertfordshire. He generaly writes about sad and harsh things. He has writen lots of books like... Kasper Prince of cats Private Peacful Why the whales came? The sleeping sword And lots more He has writen over 100 children books After he graduated he went and taught primary school students in kent Theres some information about Michael Morpurgo tyhat I bet you didnt know before By WilliamPalmer War Horse COOL! SHADOW He was evacuated to Cumberland in World War2 His most famous book is War Horse He is now 67 Now for a quiz on some of the information I just told you so I hope you have listened Where was he born A. Mars B. Preston C. Hertfordshire D. Or was he a Medical experiment In 2005 he won the Blue Peter Book of the year award with Private peacful Its C Hertfordshire What is his most famous book A. Private Peacful B. War Horse C. COOL! D. Shadow It is War Horse How old is he A. 900000 B. 53 C. 67 D. 12 It is c he is now 67 THANK YOU FOR LISTINING!!!!!!!!!
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