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Harry Einstein Day or Albert Houdini

No description

Marina Oquendo

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Harry Einstein Day or Albert Houdini

Harry Einstein or Albert Houdini Day
People celebrate the holiday by holding international conventions and award shows that are on broadcasts worldwide. On Albert Houdini Day you were rainbow because of the variates of things that people had made over the years.
Thank you for listening and hopefully this becomes a real holiday.
My Values
Albert Einstein inspires me to do better in science and life and never give up.
Harry Houdini inspires me to keep my promises, you never have a limit in life, and nothing is impossible except for impossibility
Both of them inspire be because they made an impact on the world and it makes me want to too
Where do people celebrate it?
Producer: http://prezi.com/nlgopo5a9aht/edit/#1_24309637
Creator: Marina and Prezi
Ideas: Marina
Text Creator: Marina
Pictures: Google Images

I would like to thank Ms. Lovitt because she was the one who came up with the idea to make our own holiday. I would also like to thank Mr.Cook because he made me the account for Prezi (for me.) And I would like to thank Harry Houdini and Albert Einstein for giving me the idea of making this holiday.
When do people celebrate Harry Einstein Day?
You celebrate Albert Houdini Day on June 21 to June 31. My reason why I picked the holiday is because June 21 is the longest day of the year and I chose it until the 31 because that is to many things to fill in one day so i made it a week.
People celebrate Albert Houdini Day all over the world because everybody has good ideas.
How do you celebrate Harry Einstein Day?
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