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Lunar Chinese New Year

No description

Pat Pat

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of Lunar Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year
Traditional Foods
- Fish
- Eight treaure sticky rice
- Rice cake
-sticky rice ball
Clean up
- clean up for
good luck
- Orange
- red pocket money
- Sweet snacks
- lion dance
- sky lanterns
- red decorations
-eat noodles
Story about "Nian"
By: Claire, Patricia,Valerie, and Wen

Happy Lunar New Year!
Google Images:
1. What does apple and orange stand for in Lunar new year?
2. Why do we eat noodles at midnight?
3. What zodiac is it this year?
4.Why do we set off firecrackers?
5. Why do we clean up before the new year?
6. Why do we eat sticky rice balls?
7. What do we write on the lanterns before we light them?
8. Where can you see most of the lion dances?
Zodiac of this Year
Upside Down "Fu"
"Fu Dao"
Why is Lunar New Year today?
based on differentcalender
Lute (Pipa)
-Traditional Chinese Instrument
-Invented 2000 years ago
Lute (Pipa)
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