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Leo Juarez

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Sweden

Fun Things I did Vasamuseet, an old Viking ship that is now a museum. The Basics Family Life Most families have 2 children
Women work outside of home, but have home chores as well.

Rites of passages young people go through:
Drinking age: 18
Driver's liscence: 18
Voting age:18 Dating/ Marriage Traditions Dating Government/Economy Government My Year In Sweden By: Leo Juarez Capital: Stockholm
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Major Cities: Orebo, Malmo, Jonkoping
Currency: Euro
Language: Swedish
Area in Square Miles: 173,860
Religion: Evangelical Lutheran Church
Population: 9,103,788
If packing clothes, pack plenty of spring clothes as well as winter clothes for snow activities.
I plan on getting around by private car, if I have the money. Many people use public transportation, such as trains, buses, and street cars. Any Questions? Bibliography "Sweden" Culture Grams World Edition.ProQuest LLC and Brigham Young University, n.d. Web. 72013.<http://online.culturegrams.com/world/ world_country.php?contid=5&wmn=Europe&cid=154&cn=Sweden>.

"Google Images." Google, n.d. Web. 7 Mar. 2013. <http://www.google.com/webhp?hl=en&tab=ii>.

"Sweden Overview." Lonely Planet Sweden Overview. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 Mar. 2013. Blogger.com. Google, n.d. Web. 11 Mar. 2013. <http://id2sh.blogspot.com/2009/ 12/swedish-myths.html>. People of Sweden Swedes are more reserved than Americans

They are proud of their country Greetings They shake when greeting and friends greet each other by hugging. they also use last names in formal situations. Impolite to "eat and run" Swedes expect guests to stay for coffee and conversations rather than getting a coffee and going immediatley. Greetings Hej = Hey

Hej Da = Good Bye

God Morgon = Good Morning Swedish Soccer Fans Swedish Meatballs Swedish Foods Gravlax on Crisp Bread With Pepper and Lemon Pitepalt Dumplings I celebrated Valborgsmassoafton, the celebration of the arrival of Spring. They celebrate by big bonfires and singing gather to sing traditonal songs. Other Fun things I did in Sweden I went Hiking I saw an Avicii concert
(Famous Swedish DJ) I went Skiing in the Swedish Alps I cheered on Sweden Vs. England Mainly reserved for older teens
Swedes date early Marriage Both religous and civil cerimonies are common
Half of all Swedish marriages end up in divorce.
Civil cerimonies have poems rather than passages from the bible: and civil cerimonies are shorter. Popular Myth "Black Madame" Similar to "Bloody Mary",but instead of saying the name 3 times, say "Black Madame, Black Madame, the daughter of the devil show yourself." Sweden has a Constitutional Monarchy
Sweden is divided into 21 states/provinces Economy Very prosperous
boasts a skilled and educated labor force
Traverlers should bring Euro's
Exchange rate is $1 USD. =€ .77 Euro's Coat of Arms of Sweden
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