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Presription Drug Inquiry Project

A presentation summing up my essay of the facts and research I found on prescription drug abuse in teens.

Ali Brubaker

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Presription Drug Inquiry Project

The college years seem to facilitate alcohol and drug abuse as a way of breaking free from the demands of normal everyday life and associated role expectations. Pharmacuetical Drugs Oxycotin Heroine Adderall Meth A Need to Self Medicate Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta
Dextromethorphan What Teens Abuse School:
*Helps to study for long period of time
* Heightens interest in subjects
* Increases energy levels
* Enhances your focus Marijuana:
* Heightens high
Xanex, Prozac Anxiety:
*Makes you carefree
*Lil Wayne Oxycotin, Norco, Vicadin Relief:
*Pain Relief
*Emotional relief
*Stress relief
*Feeling of happiness
Pharm Parties The Scares of Mixing Meds Death Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphey How it happens? Scenario 1: You are having trouble sleeping You visit a sleep doctor He gives you a medicine to treat your insomnia A few weeks later..... You develop a lower respiratory infection You set up an Appointment with your General Practioner He gives you antibiotic to treat condition After a day or so... Your arm starts to throb from a previous accident
you had six months ago So you take your prescription you had to treat the pain for it After taking the Oxycontin Pill to cure your pain.... You take your sleeping medication to go to bed And then take your antibiotic to cure your infection In this case... You may not wake up.... Ever WHY? Without even knowing it you have mixed three drugs that have created chemical inbalances,
and this simple mixture has just caused.....
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