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Taxes and Legal Issues

No description

Dr. Erick Argüello

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Taxes and Legal Issues

Taxes and Legal Issues
Erick David Arguello, M.A., M.Ed., Psy.D.
In order to identify citizens, the Internal Revenue Services of Ecuador implemented the Taxpayer ´s Unique Registry Contribution number (RUC)
The RUC records information relating to taxpayers, such as: the address of of its establishments, the description of the economic activities, and the tax obligations arising from them.
Your ID or for nonresidents Original and color copy of passport and visa (except type 12 passers - X). If you are a refugee: original color copy of the credential as a refugee
Certificate that the citizen has voted
Worksheet of basic services (water, electricity or telephone). Must correspond to one of the last three months prior to the date of enrollment.
In case that it is pending the acquisition of basic service, you must present the contract of these services in the address provided.
Bank statement or pay stub of TV service, or cell phone or credit card. Must correspond to one of the last three months prior to the date of enrollment. Bank statements and credit card must be in your name.
Original and copy of lease (may or may not effect on the date of registration).
Original and copy of any document issued by a public institution that details the exact address of the taxpayer. The documents include: patents, annual operating permit, report mining concessions, among others, and must appear on behalf of the taxpayer.
Original and copy of the deed of ownership or sale of the property, duly registered in the Land Registry, or certificate of the registrar of property the same as will be valid for three months from the date of issue.
Original and copy of the payment of the municipal license.
University degree or ID issued by the appropriate professional association.
One of the following
A patent is an item that must be paid by the self-employed to exercise economic activity and to obtain the RUC.
The requirement is effective from October 19, 2010
There are basically two rates for this tax rate is 12% and 0%
Value Added Tax (VAT) - IVA
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