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Designing a Talent Identification Programme for a Chosen SportE

Talent ID

Jonny Wathen

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Designing a Talent Identification Programme for a Chosen SportE

Talent Programmes Talent Identification Predictors TIPS TABS Identifying, developing and nurturing talented players are key priorities in a systematic long-term plan for success at elite level.

'The process of recognising current participants with the potential to excel and become elite players'

Talent ID = Art + Science Pace and mobility
does the player have it now or lack it due to age and strength?
Game understanding and awareness
does the player know when, where, and how to pass, run, receive, tackle or simply change the play?
Attitude and application
do the players seem to be actually enjoying playing the game?
will the player work hard to get the ball and work harder to get it back?
Technical qualities
does the player have a good touch, passing range and ability defending principles and attacking qualities? Talent
a players technical ability within their chosen sport
a player and game understanding (on and off the ball)
the player as a person, as a learner, and in varied practices.
reaction speed, pure speed, on and off the ball, and acceleration Technical
emphasis on technical understanding and ability
assessed in games, training, and changing rooms
first technical element reviewed
reaction speed, pure speed, on/off ball, and acceleration Designing a Talent Identification Programme for a Chosen Sport 4 MAIN AREAS FUNdamentals: 6years - 9years
focus on ABC SUPS Speed
emphasis on physical pace of player
the understanding a player shows in small sided games
a players Individuality
what they can bring to the game
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