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Thanksgiving Myth Project

No description

Joshua Uy

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Thanksgiving Myth Project

The Truth
They actually lived in dome shaped houses called wigwams
They didn't have horses when the Pilgrims arrived
Other Facts
The Sioux Indians lived in tipis and rode on horseback
Truths behind this myth
The Pilgrims did encounter the Native Americans.
There were some groups of Indians that lived in tipis and traveled on horseback.
Thanksgiving Myth Project
The Native Americans the Pilgrims encountered lived in tipis and traveled on horseback.
We think that people who believe in this myth do not understand the different tribes of Indians and their culture
We also believe this myth was probably created because most people stereotyped many Indians as living in tipis and riding on horses
A wigwam
Squanto, a member of the Wampanoag tribe
A tipis(also known as a teepee)
A photo of some Sioux Indians
A Wampanoag Indian, the tribe the Pilgrims encountered
This myth might confuse many to think this was a Wampanoag in the picture
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