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Hamlet Zodiac Signs

No description

Sydney Herron

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Hamlet Zodiac Signs

Hamlet Zodiac Signs
Aries are very trusting and this can make them vulnerable as they believe and trust so easily that they often wear their hearts on their sleeves. Though an Aries can be pushed to have a temper, it normally won't last long. Seldom will you come across an Aries that holds a grudge. Forgive and forget is a motto most Aries live by
Taurus make wonderful friends, and whenever you need them they will certainly be some of the first ones there. Taurus know exactly how to brighten the day of friends in need. Don't count on a Taurus ever calling on you to return the favor. They are very in tune with their emotions and rarely display theTaurusm. Taurus are loyal and will stand beside a friend until the bitter end
Gemini have little to no patience. They do not flourish in environments where indecisive people are present. Gemini can talk themselves in and out of a situation all in the same breath. They do not stay in one place too long. In most disagreements, Gemini will come out the victor with an extraordinary ability to use words in their favor.
Cancer will often masquerade their emotions with humor. Laughing is a common disguise used by Cancer to hide signs of depression. Cancer will set their aspirations high. Constant struggles for success and achievement lay beneath the exterior shell of Cancer.
The Leo believes he is the leader of all. Putting a Leo in his or her place will certainly put a knife in his or her big but fragile heart. Leos dislike being bored and enjoy being around many people as they are at home playing the role of a leader. Leos can quickly revert to becoming lazy if they are not careful. A Leo will tell it like it is - always. They have difficulty holding their tongues whether they are right or not. Leos will mean what they say and say what they mean. They speak their opinion whether you want to hear it or not so be prepared.
Virgos live in reality and seldom daydream. They take life for what it is and don't set themselves up for disappointment. Virgos are workaholics and even in their work they expect and demand perfection from themselves. From their clothes to their homes, everything must be perfect. Much time is spent worrying about whether things are correct. Virgos are tidy and neat freaks. Dirt and sloppiness can cause a Virgo to offer a harsh tongue-lashing. A Virgo can also be a wonderful friend. Knowing what to say and when to say it is a trait most Virgos possess.
Libras are very independent individuals and do not take orders well. Libras are intelligent and excellent listeners. They can also be naïve and restless. Libras are often as confused as the people surrounding them by their wishy-washy traits. A Libra can bring laughter to the dreariest of circumstances. They are happiest when the people surrounding them are happy as well. They do not like for friends to be sad or upset. Libras take their time weighing pros and cons of a decision before committing one way or the other.
Scorpios have the ability to appear as though they are staring through people. Their gaze seems to penetrate the outer body and see directly into the soul. Scorpios have large egos and can stand on their own. Once they get something in their heads they can't rest until they finish the task. Scorpios rarely let their emotions surface. They possess a sense of knowing when they are right and when they are wrong. Rarely will you notice a Scorpio playing bashful or shy. If you want an honest opinion about anything ask a Scorpio. Brutal honesty is a feature they cannot help but offer.
Sagittarius are the first ones to try to cheer up friends when they are down. Though they may not be the greatest at this, nonetheless they will try. You may find yourself laughing whether you want to or not in their presence. Decisions of the heart take Sagittarius some time to make. They fall in love easily, but do not love lightly. A long internal struggle goes on inside the head of a Sagittarius before a decision related to commitment can be arrived at.
Capricorns are not ones to reach for stardom but they know how to deal with it if it is thrust their way. They prefer to enjoy blending in with groups around them. Capricorns are similar to chameleons and are similarly harmless. Capricorns like being leaders in the workplace and they do not take orders from others well at all. You may find a Capricorn unleashing a sharp tongue lashing if you try to take control of a project. In matters of the heart, Capricorns are very romantic. Dinners by candlelight and flowers for no reason are qualities you can expect from a Capricorn. Capricorns like to be wanted and needed.
Aquarius never meet anyone they don't at first glance consider a friend. Friend is a term they use very loosely. Aquarius are always kind and caring and enjoy getting to know new people. Unless you give them reason to dislike you, they like everyone. Aquarius are generally soft spoken but can demonstrate the ability to change up now and again. They love things that are new and enjoy experimenting with new ideas and concepts. Creativity flows through the veins of individuals with the Aquarius sign.
Pisces are calm and cool and rarely lose their tempers. Pisces can charm your socks off without blinking an eye. In the event of troubling situations, Pisces have the ability to remain calm and rational. They think through situations rather than through reacting impulsively. Pisces are great lovers of music and art. You may find a Pisces in an orchestra or crafting a new picture for an art gallery. Pisces try to help everyone around them. They dislike their friends being unhappy and they will bend over backwards to be helpful.
How do the Zodiac Signs relate to the characters in Hamlet?
Hamlet is clearly a Libra. He is very intense; he also is romantically involved with Ophelia at the beginning of the play. Hamlet is educated, as displayed through his vocabulary choice. Even though he is feigning mad, he still manages to maintain his wits and intelligently speaks in riddles to confuse those around him and help convince that he is mad.

King Claudius
Polonius is a virgo, he works hard and lives solely on reality. He doesn’t day dream or waste time, and he tells things as they are.

Laertes is an Aries. He is brave and enthusiastic, and puts others first. When he was about to leave for school in France, he ensured that he had the chance to talk to Ophelia and warn her of the dangers of pursuing a man like Hamlet. Laertes becomes entangled in petty arguments such as his fight with Hamlet, which led to the death of both Hamlet and himself.

Queen Gertrude
Ophelia is a Pisces. Even though Hamlet is abuseful towards her, she stays calm and keeps a cool and collected temper. Ophelia bends over backwards to try to help Hamlet and make him enjoy her presence again, even though it hurt her in the end.

Queen Gertrude is likely a cancer; she hides her inner feelings about her late husband’s death by covering it up with entertainment and her hasty remarriage. Queen Gertrude is very nurturing of her relationship with Hamlet, but she is extremely self-centred as seen in her quick remarriage, with no thought as to how that may affect others.
King Claudius is likely a Scorpio. He is extremely egotistical, and always likes to believe he is right. Claudius will always speak his mind, even when he is incorrect. As a Scorpio, Claudius is extremely aggressive and guarded.
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Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. Toronto: Harcourt Brace Canada, 1988. Print.
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