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Flipping the Classroom

No description

Linda Pitt

on 4 May 2014

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Transcript of Flipping the Classroom

What "Flipping" looks like
Blooms Digital Taxonomy
What does this mean?
- class time focused on applying, analysing and evaluating and creating
- any knowledge or information dissemination is completed out of the group learning space

How is it done?
-Promote inquiry and discovery, as well as project-based learning as you can see fit in your content area
3 BIG Things Happen
when you Flip learning

Flipping the Classroom
Student A
The Compelling Case
Students learn at different paces
Students are absent and miss critical lessons
Teacher-centered -> student centered
Passive Learners ->
active learners
Focus of Class time flipped from lower-order to higher order thinking
Low-level thinking: Outside of the class (via video, podcast, article, website)

High-level thinking: During class time (peer to peer and teacher discussion)
Students not completing homework fully or correctly because they don't remember content from class
Students miss important
pieces of information even
though they were in class
What does it mean?
- Get the teacher out of the front of the classroom
- Students
taking control and responsibility
for their learning

How is it done?
about How and Where they Learn
- Utlising technology -
What does this mean?
Students actively engaged in their learning
Students collaborating with peers and receiving small group help from the teacher as needed

How is it done?
Develop meaningful class activities, project based learning experiences, collaborative assignments
Your Flipped Classroom tools
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