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Zero Degrees

No description

Faye Baker

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Zero Degrees

Section 1 - Passport Theme - Identity

Fusion of naturalistic and katak hand gestures

No contact with the dummies

No music, voice of Khan and Larbi

Simple whitewash lighting so the main focus is on Khan and Larbi's speech Section 3 - Shadows Double connotation, shadows and dancers, if you watch the shadows its like watching another dance

Fast turns, flat feet - shows katak

Moments of stillness

Shadows created on the wall, move in front of each other and link arms

The beat of the drum creates the katak rhythm

Lighting - quite dim, focus is drawn on shadows

Ends with Larbi on the floor mirroring his dummy, Khan is standing up, contrast in levels Section 4 - Action
Reaction Larbi mimicks dummy, treated like dummy by Khan

Manipulaton - Khan Vs Larbi

Fluid movements

Choreographed for contact, question and answer,

Khan goes to Larbi's dummy

Silence - breathing Section 6 - Larbi & dummy Interaction with dummy - shake hands, held by dummy, cannot support - falls

Juxtaposition of life and death, slow and fast

Silence, enhances breathing

Lighting - white strip, darkness Akram Khan and Sidi Larbi Zero Degrees Section 2 - Arms Mirrored contact

Fluent hand gestures

Becomes aggressive like a fight

Floor movements - rolls and spins

Single string note - gets louder, humming over the top shows katak

Lighting - horizontal strip, juxtaposition between light and dark Section 5 - Larbi Solo Fluidity - contortionism

Juxtaposition - life and dummy

Khan sat on dummy covering his eyes

Strength, balance, stillness

Drums, strings, heart beat, male vocal, katak

Lighting - horizontal strip reappears, more visible Section 7 - Attack & Block Contact - aggressive

Sweeping over the head with arms, reaction - aggressive, testing each other's space,

Dual character

Pauses in between movement creates tension

Katak chant at the start, drums, katak style beat, string instruments, music intensifies as dance becomes more aggressive Section 8 - Part 2 of the story Gestures, dummy, speech - tell a story

Passport situation, copying each other, miming, katak hand gestures

Journey, narration, identity

Talking in unison, question and answer, not talking in sync Section 9 - On a Train Box step motif always brings Khan and Larbi back together

Unison duet, small movements in canon

Katak hands and turns, change of direction, travel around the whole floor, head rolls after fast turns, aggressive floor movements

Larbi - praying motif, violin screeching, ends with Larbi on the floor and Khan sitting on him

Larbi - soft/fluid dance style - Contrast - Khan - strong/powerful dance style Section 10 - Part 3 of the story Gestures correlate with words

Larbi's hand changes/is different from Khan's, Larbi slowly falls to the floor as if he has just died. It is as if Khan and Larbi have become the characters they've been talking about

Mirrored movements, shows juxtaposition - life and death

Differences between Khan and Larbi - race, skin colours, costume, levels

Little detail made effective - Hand movements, angle of the head, focus

Hear Khan and Larbi breathing Section 11 & 12 - Khan's solo Fast turns, katak gestures, self-discovery, wiping eyes, praying motif, focus on hands

Reaction to death - Larbi watches Khan put his head on the dummy, it is as if he's lost a part of himself, Larbi returns to his own dummy

Larbi rolls the dummy into position, checking for life

String instruments - slow, male voice - culture, Arabic - Khan speaks - native, identity

Grief/Support Section 13 - Train Khan aggressive, fighting himself, mimicks dummy position

Twitches feet - katak

Larbi on pointe - shows his identity, more pointed than Khan who is more dynamic, less pointed, flexed

Climax - violin screeching, percussion, faster movements, tempo speeds up, becomes more agressive, beat becomes louder

Slow strings Section 14 - Dummy Duality Manipulation, finding a place in society

Pedestrian movements, natural reactions

Order of dummies, re-ordered line, status, swaps dummies

Manipulation through people and dummies

Silence - impact of dummies falling & Khan and Larbi breathing Section 15 - Larbi's song Religious gestures

Fighting oneself - violence, releasing soul - gets slower and lower to the ground

Mimicks dummy

Covers eyes, covers mouth

Khan - fluid, hand gestures - preparing for death

Leaving stage - freedom, manipulation by society

Slow string instruments, Larbi singing in Arabic - ritualistic, preparation for death

Dim lighting towards the end
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