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European Revolutions 1815-1848

No description

Brandon Maze

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of European Revolutions 1815-1848

"When France sneezes, the rest of Europe catches cold." European Revolutions: 1815-1848 The belief that everyone's loyalty should be to a NATION of People who share common culture NOT to a ruler Nationalism! Conservative 3 Main Political Groups France 1820s +30s "Spring time of the Peoples" 1848 Liberal Radical Congress of Vienna Quick Recap Legitimacy Balance of Power Compensation Old Order, tradition and faith individuals, democratic Liberty, Equality and Fraternity France is at it...again Promotion of national identity and pride Greece Poland Louis-Philippe Anti-Revolution
Alliance Concert of Europe Prince Klemens von Metternich foreign minister of Austria very influential on Congress of Vienna and Concert of Europe "Bourgeoisie-King" ruled 1830-48 Germany Italy Belgium Warm Water Port 1821 Nationalism spurred Greeks to rebel with help from Russia, Britain and France gained independence from Ottomans independent in 1832 Russia King Charles X tries to get rid of constitutional monarchy July Revolution 1830 France Radical revolt forces him out just to name a few revolts all over continental Europe only England and Russia are without upheaval Austria experiences a ton of Revolts. February Revolution June Days working class and liberals tired of Louis-Philippe Reform Banquets used to protest against the King.
Paris Banquet banned.
Troops open fire on peaceful protestors.
Barricades erected; looting.
National Guard [politically disenfranchised] defects to the radicals.
King Louis Philippe loses control of Paris and abdicates National workshops April Elections resulted in the workshops getting shut down Helped to give jobs to the unemployed worker groups felt betrayed and revolted in the streets 10,000 Dead
Conservatives won Monarchs restored
Balance of Power
Britain emerges as only growing power Outcomes of CoV
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