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Marijuana Prohibition

No description

Mike Pasley

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Marijuana Prohibition

How did pot become illegal? Isnt it medicine? Whatever your doctor feels necessary. Read between the lines El Paso Ordinace 1914 What did it really provide for law enforcement? But now its catching on. Federal Bureau of Narcotics Harry Anslinger and the
Marijuana Tax Act 1937 Criminalized not only Marijuana, but Hemp as well Why? Anslinger, Hearst and Dupont Anslinger Hearst Proposition 215, California 1996 Allows for administration of Marijuana by a doctor. What For? Cancer patients
AIDS patients
Epilepsy, MS
or... August '05 August '06 Dec '06 May '07 How Did it Become Illegal? Marijuna Prohibition 11 93 237 339 Is the medical initiative
really working? Rethinking Policy Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act All posession legal
Up to 25 sq. ft. growing permitted Allow police to focus on serious crime
Undercut Mexican drug cartel
Make it harder for minors to obtain marijuana Increase marijuana use
Cause the same kind of social ills as alcohol and tobacco
Put more demands on law enforcement "The Sky Didn't Fall." Reading Between The Lines
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