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jojo& kools


jojo laser

on 2 June 2010

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Transcript of jojo& kools

vertebrates mammals reptiles amphibians fish birds Breaths through gills Guppies have a spinal column Guppies gives birth to live young lepard Gecko Has a Vertbrae in the form of
a backbone. Soft moist skin lays 5-100 eggs Massassauga Rattler In the sping it can lay
5-24 eggs The rattler has hard
scales that over lap Cold blooded Dagger like bill used for
killing fish Lays from 5-8 white eggs
per nest The kingfisher is cold
blooded Gives birth to live
young Has a vertebrae in the
form of a back bone Warm blooded King Fisher Cows Guppies feed on mosquitoes
and algae Kingfishers eat multiple kinds of fish, small lizards
and frogs
Cows are herbivores they feed on
grass and plants .They don't have any
prey. Geckos eat bugs and
other insects They eat small mammals,
reptiles and amphibians such as mice,
lizards,and smaller snakes
Guppies are cold
blooded because, they
can stay in a constent warm
environment.(They're from Africa). Cows stay in groups or
herds to survive Has a poisonous
venum that once injected in its prey it can become deadly Prey- Prey- Lepord Geckos, have amazing
sight and hearing to help them know when their predators are coming. They also have good camouflage to help them blend in. Survival- Survival- Survival- Prey-
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