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Day In The Life

No description


on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Day In The Life

In ancient Egypt there where high, middle,and low classes.
Class is a number of persons or things regarded as forming a group by reasons of common attribute
For example a Pharaoh would be consider from a high class , in the middle it would be a Priest , in a low class it would be Peasant.
Wealth, Power, and Rights are something that was and still is important in Egyptian and now in days
Peasants didn't really need much of and education to work .They didn't need the knowledge as a pharaoh or scribe or any of that . There life style wasn't the "best". They lived in the simplest mud houses unlike pharaohs. Also they consisted of a diet . The family of a peasant were very poor . There death of a peasant was nothing like a pharaoh's . You see a pharaoh is mummified and is held a goodbye ceremony . In fact peasants don't they just get mummified and that's it
What Is Class?
A broad group in society having common economic,cultural,or political status
High Class, Low Class, and Middle Class
House cleaners and peasants were both poor people
In social standers they are both in low class beacuse of they're job
Both house cleaners and peasants jobs relay on others and on there work they do

House Cleaners
House cleaner don't really need a education to just clean a house. They just need to know how to vacum,dust,wash dishes,sweep,mop,etc. House cleanser don't get much money, unless the find someone with good heart that will give them more than the usally get. Most of them are poor. House cleaners do have a family, but don't have a lot of quality time with them . When house cleaners die they don't get so much reconsation for what they do. They're death is not celebrated like a celebrate or famous person
Who's has a better quality of life ?
A house cleaner has a better life because they get better life quality. To be specific they get paid for what they do or don't have to be on a diet
Which society seems fairer?
I think modern life is more fair because it has better modern quality than the Egyption sociality
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