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No description

Ronan Baynes

on 8 May 2010

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Transcript of NBRA

National Basketball Referees Association Why the NBRA? •Unique topic
•Something I love
•Fun to write History •The NBRA was founded in 1977

•Was formed to protect NBA referees

•Renegotiate new collective bargaining agreement with the NBA periodically
Goals of the NBRA •To secure improved wages, working conditions and other economic advantages, through organization, negotiations, collective bargaining, through legal economic means and other lawful methods.

•To safeguard, advance and promote the security and welfare of its members.

•To further promote the game of professional basketball and to improve, to whatever degree possible, the quality of the officiating in the NBA.
Why is this topic important? •The referees of the NBA seek to advance athletics, sportsmanship, basketball, and the quality of sports officiating

•Most underappreciated piece of professional sports

Critical Perspective
Critical Organizational Theory:

•Workplace as site of struggle

•Workplace as a site of competing interests

•Need to critique/challenge and transform
Resistance to Workplace Power and Control

•Collective overt resistance (e.g. strikes)

•Hidden transcripts


•The desire to improve
•Struggle for respect
•Tension within the workplace
Mumby, D. K. (2005). Theorizing resistance in organization studies: A dialectical approach.
Management Communication Quarterly, (19)1, 19-44.

•Focuses on reasons behind tension and resistance by employees in the workplace
•Want to be given and shown more respect
Research Questions •How are NBA referees marginalized by the NBA front offices in their struggle for power and respect?

•What are alternative, more egalitarian ways of coexisting and cooperating in the NBA between NBA management and referees?
Data Interviews:

David Stern 2009 interview with Mouthpiece Sports

2008 Crossing the Line on NBA officials

2009 ESPN exclusive interview with David Stern


NBRA 2009 newsletter article "NBA Referees Face Lockout to Begin 2009-2010 Season"

NBRA 2008 newsletter article "A Day with NBA Referees" Books:

"Personal Foul" by former NBA referee Tim Donaghy
Contributions to Literature •Limited past research

•Determine reasons behind power struggle between the NBA and its referees

•Develop potential ways of resolving constant clashes between the NBA and its referees

Preliminary Findings
NBA's unwilling to find middle ground
-Retirement assistance
-Medical/Dental benefits

Deemed "easily replaceable"

Lack of recognition/connection Imitate Major League Baseball? Begin contract negotiations 1 year before contract ends

Recent deal includes:
-paise raise after each year as an umpire
-retirement packages that will allow veteran umpires to retire early

Umpires shown appreciation
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