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Kelly Curtis

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of MARY ANN SHADD

Mary Ann Shadd
Mary Ann Shadd was born on October 9,1823 she was the eldest of 13. Mary Ann Shadd went to school at Quaker School, in Pennsylvania. Later, in 1856, she was entered into Howard University, where she earned a law degree.
After she got out of university, she went on a trip to Canada, where she met Thomas F. Cary. Mary Ann and Thomas F. ended up getting married, and they had two kids. Unfortunately he died three years later.
Mary Ann Shadd's job was an abolitionist which is to work against slavery. A few of the other jobs she had were being a lawyer, an activist, and a journalist.
Her father was a newspaper editor for the Provincial Freeman. Mary Ann
wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and become a newspaper editor too. Well she got her wish, she was also a newspaper editor for the Provincial Freeman
Mary Ann Shadd opened a school for children of all races.
When the civil war broke out she became a recruiting officer and encouraged others around her to join the fight against slavery with her.
Fun Fact: At that time it was uncommon for women to speak in public. This is one reason why she was such an activist in the world.
Mary Ann Shadd died on June 5, 1893 in Washington D.C. leaving behind 2 children.

The Biography Channel

14 Jan, 2014
14 Jan, 2014
Howard University
Quaker School
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