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Theatre Makeup

History, ect.

Heather Mason

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Theatre Makeup

Theatre Makeup Makeup Kit Essentials How To Put Stage Makeup On Straight Makeup Straight Makeup Con... Straight Makeup Con... Details Con... List of Supplies Con... Details List of Supplies Early On... Makeup Now Restoration/Enlightenment-era Theatre History of Theatre Makeup Greek theatre was performed by masked actors, and we don't know if makeup even played a part in appearance on stage.
The greek masks acted as a megaphone for the actors on stage to project their voices.
Some evidence to support that early Greek plays featured actors who wore lead-based white makeup with red accents. This toxic makeup was popular for centuries, both onstage and off. Makeup of this era was a feminine look on both men and women.White lead face paint provided the base for both. Hair covered with powdered wigs, along with drawn on beauty marks.
Lip color and blush were used on both sexes, and was made from natural ingredients like insect bodies, berries and animal fat. Foundation Cold Cream
Clown White Powder Puffs
Face Powders Absorbent Cotton
Moist Rouge Powder Brush
Liners Hair Whitener
Lipsticks Hair Colorants
Lipstick Brush Liquid Body Makeup
Makeup Pencils Sable or Camel Hair brushes
Dry Rouge Crepe Hair
Mascara Spirit gum & Remover Liquid Latex
Nose Putty, Derma Wax,
Black & White Tooth -To build up features,
Enamel, Artificial Blood makes scars & wounds.
Collodion - building up flesh or texturing skin

- Personal makeup kits, including combs and brushes,
should never be shared. Clown White - comes in a greasepaint or pancake form

Lipsticks - Women wear moist rouge
Men can wear a brownish rouge

Lipstick Brush - Are in personal makeup kits Cold Cream - For removing makeup

Absorbent Cotton - Many uses

Liquid Body Makeup - The shade that matches with
foundation Straight makeup is usually used for high school
students playing a character close of age and
characteristics to the role.
Step 1: Foundation
- As your base of everything you put on top

Step 2: Shadows & Highlights
- Its to bring out features
- To also correct features
- To change features to show age, character, & physical Step 3: Rouge & Lipstick
- Moist rouge to cheeks then lips
- The colors you use depends on the shade of your face
Oval: crescent shape, blend up & out
Round: Blend along cheekbone & downward close to nose
Long: High on cheekbone, blend out toward temples
Step 4: Eyes & Eyebrows
- It can make you look older, younger, depressed,
or make your eyes look even bigger than they are. Step 5: Powdering
- It gives your face without a shine finish.
- Excess powder needs to be shaken off without
smearing the other makeup on your face.

Step 6: The Finishing Touches
- reapply dry rouge to your cheeks
- then apply mascara or false lashes Pancake makeup today was developed in
1914 by Max Factor. Popular stage makeup
brands today are Ben Nye & Mehron.
Today's makeup is safe and does not include toxic lead.Theatrical makeup can also be used for a natural look, or for a detailed creative look
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