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David Paul - Prezume

No description

David Paul

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of David Paul - Prezume

In December of 2012, I graduated from the University of Toronto with a major in Canadian International Relations, minoring in Political Science and History. I enjoyed my time at university and l acquired many transferable skills useful in the business world. I am an excellent communicator of ideas and I like working through complex problems.
I paid my way through university by working for a small business called McSkimming and Paul Land Surveyors. Over my six years with them, I gained valuable lessons and worked extremely hard to ensure that our clientele was satisfied. I accomplished this by maintaining a consistent level of quality assurance. I was able to participate and learn from the day-to-day operations of a business.
Hire Me!
I am


, I promise both those qualities are open to interpretation!
For our hard-work we received the "Youth Group of the Year Award" in 2007 from the City of Toronto!
Team EY's contribution to our community and promotion of safe skateboarding spaces was the focus of a feature essay in
"Local Motion: The Art of Civic Engagement in the Toronto" in 2010.
In 2011-2012, I was chosen for an internship with Toronto Public Space Initiative. I was tasked with developing a policy paper for the enhancement of democracy within the City of Toronto. I worked on a pilot project and researched the viability of Community-Planning boards in the Greater Toronto Area. As Team Lead, I managed this project by creating project timelines my team's work, scheduling meetings with management, professors, experts, politicians, and responsible for meeting deadlines.
That's me! blending in with the politicians
Since 2000, I have been member of a community group called Team EY, which is a collection of skateboarders from the East York neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We have contributed to our community by hosting cultural events such as film screenings that have showcased local talent, amateur contests, and community clean-up events.

In collaboration with local councilwomen, Janet Davis, we were able to secure public funds for the construction of the East York skateboard park in Stan Wadlow Park. This was a huge victory for skateboard culture in the City of Toronto. This news clipping is a two page article that was written in the Toronto Star detailing our achievements!
Team EY allowed me to travel the world, exposing me to a variety of different cultures, all while doing something that I am passionate about!
Traveling gave me immeasurable life experience and built my tenacious, creative, and energetic character.
Japan was my favorite place that I visited! Ichiban!
I completed a Leadership Development Program
I received a letter from the Dean of Woodsworth College for being a mentor in the Academic Bridging Mentorship Program
I continue to work with the two individuals, helping them strategically plan their academic careers
I attended a series of Sexual Diversity workshops

I helped develop two student groups: The Canadian Studies and Mature Student organizations
I was born in Toronto in Augeust of 1983, where I humbley still reside
I presented my research at the "Creating a Home in Canada" annual Canadian studies conference at the University of Toronto!
I enjoy traveling, being active, competing in sport, working hard, meeting new people, continuously learning, and I enjoy working in a fast-paced and positive environment!
Here's my number,
so Call me maybe!
I look forward speaking with you in the future! feel free to leave me some criticism it can only help me get better!
Hockey taught me how to work in teams, about leadership, about being competitive, and over-coming adversity!
Currently, I am starting research on a project based on my experience as a skateboarding and how capitalist forces have change the way skateboarders practice their culture. Specifically in the City of Toronto, essentially as skateboarders have become normalized into society by penetrating the mainstream with City officials recognizing the need to meet a marginalized groups needs. However, for someone like myself skateboarding was always about exploration and finding skateboard spots throughout the city.
As a Skateboarder growing up in Toronto there were no safe or formal places to skateboard and this caused skateboarders to face hostility in the streets of Toronto. This marginalized position was a constant challenge but gave me the opportunity to communicate the benefits of my passion and garner acceptance within our community by working with municipal leaders. Team EY penetrated the mainstream and changed the way people view skateboarding in Toronto.
Using my academic skills and history with skateboarding, I want to examine how skateboard culture has been changed by corporate culture and the impacts this has had on polarizing the skateboard community. For this project, I will be fully integrating Prezi's platform to illuminate my idea's!
In similar fashion, Prezi's platform is about communicating and changing the way people can spread, present, and think about ideas. I first used Prezi's platform a year ago for my internship, I was so impressed by this products creative ability to communicate ideas that I now use Prezi in all my ideas, passion, work...and even my resume!
I love to play hockey!
I am an avid fan and coach, that loves every aspect of the game!
I admire the disruptive changes that have been caused by platforms such as Prezi. I believe Prezi engages an audience like no other product on the market.
I want to work in a company that is on the cutting edge of new and exciting ideas that have a major impact on the way people communicate ideas across the world.
My positive can-do attitude would be a great asset to your company.
I believe the medium is as important as the message!
While at University...
This is a short video clip of me in Japan
That's me
Hello! my name is David Paul,
I am looking for the opportunity to learn new skills and build-on my current knowledge. I am energetic, resourceful, an excellent team-builder, I love to see where a conversation will take me, and look forward to continuously learning!

Or email me, if that is more convenient!
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