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Buyer Behavior- Celano Icecream

No description

Green Blue

on 20 November 2010

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Transcript of Buyer Behavior- Celano Icecream

Celano Icecream Lecturer: Mr. Le Khac Huy Stage 1 Problem Recognition Stage 2 Information Search STAGE 3 Evaluation and Selection Store choice and Purchase Stage 4 Stage 5 Postpurchase Process Discrepancy Actual State Desire State Emotion: Tired, Thirsty
Situation: Hot, or party with friends
Past Emotion: The cool feeling when eating icecream
Emotion: Energetic, Fresh
Reference Group: Stylish, fashionable ones
Internal Search Actively Acquired
Passively Acquired Awareness Set
New Zealand
Thuy Ta
Habro Bon Mua
Evoked Set
Merino Inert Set
New Zealand
Thuy ta
Inept Set Habro Bon Mua
Surrogate Indicator Quality Brand Packaging Price Description Leading the premium ice cream market in VN, especially the cone.
High brand awareness, 60% in nationwide & 78% in HCMC.
Earning 100billion VND in 2009
Growth rate of 30% yearly Competitive Environment Direct:
+ Cornetto
+ Merino
+ New Zealand
+ Monte Rosa
+ Fanny

+ Beverages
+ Snacks Brand Health Check in 2009 indicated Celano still behind Cornetto in terms of awareness. However, the conversion rate was higher than that of Cornetto. It’s potential to raise Celano awareness to generate more users Primary Target Market Demographic Psychographic Age Group: <25 (teenagers and young adults)
Family size: 3-4
Social Class: A,B,C
Stylish, fashionable Outlet Selection Sequence Brand First, Outlet Second Outlet First, Brand Second SRATEGY Focus on Brand Image Management Sponsor for HotVteen Competition in VTM magazine
Sponsor for TopVClip in Zing.vn
Advertise in Newspaper (Tuoitre, Thanh Nien) and Magazine (2!, VTM)
Create personality sympol (a Hip-hop Bear) close to teenagers STRATEGY p.o.p AND pRICING STRATEGY Appropriate Price (10.000 vnd compare to 13.000d of Cornetto and 15.000d of New Zealand)
Attractive position in supermarkets
Biggest space in Coopmart, City Mart, Lotte Mart.
Promotion Girl Postpurchase Dissonance Convenient good like Celano ice cream which consumers do not spend time in buying can not produce postpurchase dissonance Disposal Situation Wrapped by paper
Easy to recycle
Competitive Advantages Increase Customer Experience Keep advertising on teen magazine and TV
Run promotion campaign on the national day September 2rd
Improve Venders System..
Maintainance Strategy Available in most of outlets in the whole country
Focus on advertising in Muc tim, 2! and VTM Magazine
Product Improvement- add 2 more flavours
Promotion and Sponsor Kido 2010 AFTER INTERVIEWING RMIT STUDENTS SAMPLE SIZE: 50 Increase Brand Awareness Take advantage of Just noticeable difference Reduce net weight to the just noticeable point, and reduce price
>>>Competitive Advantage INSTORE INFLUENCE Pham Minh Dung - s3259211
Nguyen Hoang Minh Khanh - s3258178
Nguyen Thi Ngoc Huong - s3255209
Phan Hong An - s3256179
Nguyen Dai Trang - s3275094
Ho Que Minh - s3260764
Different Subcategories Served in Shop Taken home icecream (According to Celano's Report: Celano Brand Key 2010) Price Preference Other Companies Consumer behavior strategies
Summary Maintainance Strategy
In-store influence Strategy
Brand 1st, Outlet 2nd Strategy
Shopping orientation Strategy
Disposal Strategy Shopping Orientation Value-seeker Young, energetic
Willing to discover
Like hi-tech Strategy Attractive poster in store
Attractive fridge of ice-cream
Promotion with hi-tech stuff According to 50 RMIT students
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