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No description

Savanna Lynch

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Fairest

By:Gail Carson Levine Fairest The theme of this book is a theme well known.
Do not judge a book by it's cover.In Fairest, Aza is judged by her looks even though her voice is amazing. Many people judge Aza on the way she dresses as well. Aza is caught illusing by Queen Ivi, and helps her escape her singing lessons.
Aza is made lady-in-waiting by Queen Ivi and will be by Ivi's side all day.
Queen Ivi asks Aza to do a dangerous favor, she wants Aza to illuse for her at the kingdoms sing.
The King is sick and is in danger of dieing but Queen Ivi refuses to visit him. The conflict is that Aza is not beautiful like all people in Ayortha. Aza is considered a ogre because of her looks. Initiating Event The initiating event was when the duchess invites Aza, to accompany her to the King's wedding. Conflict Theme Rising Action Climax The climax of Fairest is when Aza's dirty deed for the Queen is known by the people of Ayortha, and Aza is thrown in jail. When Aza comes back to the castle and tells the now well King Oscar about Ivi. Ivi is removed from her power and Aza is proved not guilty of doing Ivi's dirty deed. Falling Action Setting The setting of Fairest is in the kingdom of Ayortha and Aza's home at the Inn. Protagonist The protagonist of Fairest is Aza a kind, fun loving girl who lives in Ayortha. Antagonist The antagonist is Queen Ivi a powerful queen that rules with an iron hand.
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