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Terracotta Town

No description

Donna Collins

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Terracotta Town

Terracotta Town
- Choose a building to base your design on
- Consider the size, shape and purpose of your building
- Take notice of the details, windows, doors, shutters, siding, roofing, window boxes, address numbers
- Sketch out the structure!
Creating a template
Once your sketch is ready, its time to start making your templates. These templates will become the paper pattern that you will trace exactly for each piece of slab clay. You MUST use a ruler and make your your pieces match up!
Project Objects
- Create a SLAB built house or building structure
- Design your structure based on a REAL building that includes details
- Use paper templates to plan and scale your exact design
- Transfer template pieces to clay slabs for construction
- Use the slip and scoring method strength in your construction!
Once your man structure is built, add the details. These can be make from slabs or coils but must be slipped and scored together. Details can also be added by carving the leather hard clay.
Slab Construction
1. flatten out your clay
2. roll out to an even thickness
3. using your template, trace out
your shape and cut using a ruler!
4. slip and score the
edges that meet
5. support your seems
with a coil
After firing, you will paint the structure, adding additional details.
*consider adding an opening in the back or bottom so a light can be added!
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