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Nike VS. Victoria

No description

madison Price

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Nike VS. Victoria

Nike VS. Victoria
Was the Greek Goddess of Victory
Strenghths: Very fast Runner, swift flyer, and able charioteer
Weakness: Inconsistent in with getting victory
Most famous statue is the "Nike of Samothrace"
According to a legend, she was a charioteer during Zeus' war against the Titans, which is why she was called upon as a patroness of athletes, which is where the sportsman brand "Nike" came from.
Was the Roman Goddess of Victory
Was a messenger usually carrying the message of glory
Her role was to reward the victors in Battle
In the republican era she was honored in the Festival or Honor on July 7 and another festival held on August 1
Similarities and Differences
Each seen as beautiful full grown women usually dressed in female garb and with an enormous set of wings sprouting from their shoulders.
Nike was considered a warrior
Victoria was more of a good luck charm
There is only one myth that references Nike, which is the myth of Zeus and the Titans. It said that Nike's mom, Styx, brought her four children, Nike, Zelos,Kratos, and Bia into the service of the God. Nike was then appointed charioteer, which is why she always appears to be driving the chariot of Zeus.
Since Victoria was a lesser part of Roman mythology their are no references of her in any myths.
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