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DFW Tornado

No description

yuriana hinojos

on 23 April 2012

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Transcript of DFW Tornado

Family Many families were rushing to get their childrens and calling the schools to see if their children were safe. Many families got injured in their own homes when the tornado hit. Problem/solution and Cause/Effect of families PROBLEM
A huge tornado striked DFW and sara laran got injured . SOLUTION
forney elementary raised money to take them to hospitals and to buy medicines. Many people that where in their jobs got injured and had to take the people to the hospitals. Stores, schools and many other things got collapsed from the wind and from the big tornado. Not many people got injured just some when they where upstairs or outside walking. People also got trapt in the stores by the tornado. Business CAUSE
A big Tornados happened in Arligton,TX EFFECT
janes house was torned up a part CAUSE
cars, houses, schools, stores, businesses, were damage EFFECT
a big tornado hit DFW Tornado in DFW Two extremely dangerous tornados ripped across the Dallas Fort Worth area collapsing Communities, roofs of houses, tearing down power lines, and tossing trailers. Many childrens that were at schools got injured and many schools also collapsed when kids where in the schools. Communities Problem/Solution and Cause/Effect of communities Problem/Solution and Cause/Effect of business CAUSE
many business were collapsed
CAUSE tornados ripped across Dallas Fort Worth CAUSE
Many people went to hospital EFFECT
The tornados injured alot of people when it hit DFW

people saw that the tornado was comming toward them SOLUTION
they hid in the restroom and nothing happended to the people CAUSE
many communities collapsed EFFECT
because 2 extremley tornadoes ripped across Fort Worth CAUSE
many persons were scared EFFECT
tornados had never happened in Texas before PROBLEM
communities were destroyed SOLUTION raised money to help and fix the communities Travelers people that were traveling got injured alot because when they where driving the tornado was comming straight to them. Many cars, trucks, and trailers were tossed high into the air like toys when the huge tronado hit Dallas Fort Worth. Cause/Effect and Problem/Solution of travelers CAUSE
two large extremely dangerous tornadoes hit across dallas Fort Worth. EFFECT

Tornadoes were collapsing roofs,tearing down power lines and tossing trailers around like toys PROBLEM

travelers saw the tornado comming straight towards them SOLUTION the people got out of the car and ran were the tornado was not going towards them. CAUSE many people got injured where ever they where EFFECT the tornadoes where damaging everything problem forney elementary
got damaged SOLUTION the school district
had to repair it. www.fox4news.com
the dallas morning news
www,wffa.com sources PROBLEM SOLUTION many trvelers such as
jhon revolote lost their car. he had to buy another car to
travel . PROBLEM SOLUTION their community looked horrible they had to get volontiers to help
clean up PROBLEM many buisnesses
lost their merchandise. SOLUTION they have to buy
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