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Global warming solution

global warming solution

Mariam Shariff

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Global warming solution

Wrap Greenland In A Blanket
Cloud Seeding
Vertical Farming
Algae Covered Buildings
Ocean Fertilization
Can we stop the sun from being hot.?
The one thing we can stop doing is polluting
You can also help by picking up trash or
start walking, biking and rollerblading so you can stop using cars.
David Suzuki
But, the ozone layer is still getting thinner from the heat of the sun.
ozone layer
Sadly we cant do anything about that :,[
but we can stop global warming.I have only told you so many ways to stop global warming but here are 2 more ways we can stop it.
One way is to stop sending oil through boats and seas and maybe start flying oil to other countries.
New Approach...
Another way we could stop global warming is by preserving our trees and stop planting crops in our forests
Those are a few ways to help stop global warming but i hope you learned something from our presentation and will contribute to stop global warming
A special thanks to
Spraying sulfur particles
into the atmosphere!
China's Farmscraper
A Vertical farm designed for New York City by Vincent Callebaut is meant to emulate a dragonfly wing.
Will all this Help?
Can Make
A Significant Change
What you can do
The 3 R's
Air Conditioning
Ditch the coat and tie during the warm months
Wear shorts in the summer
Put a lid on your pans
Use a small oven for small dishes
Cook using biomass
Eat more raw food
Use windows for light during the day
Use LED lights for home outdoor lighting if needed
Use waste vegetable oil powered lamps
Go to sleep at night
Hot Water
Wash clothes in cold water.
Install a solar hot water heater
Heat with biomass
Take cold baths.
Put a bucket in your bathtub and fill it instead of the tub.
Ride a single seat automobile to work.
Take public transport.
Live closer to work.
Car Pooling.
Electronics and Electrical Appliances
Use a towel for drying hair.
Dry clothes using a clothesline.
Turn off your router at night.
Charge your cellphone or iPod with the new solar-powered “hybrid” battery charger from Better Energy Systems.
Alternative Energy
Build liquid Thorium breeder reactors
Deploy current generation of solar photovoltaics.
Come up with cheap batteries so we don’t need other power sources at night to keep the grid running.
Make Lightweight and cheap battery for cars and trucks.
Long Distance Transportation
Import less stuff.
Eat local foods.
Hold more business meetings virtually.
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"More than 100 recycle-to-ride devices will be installed in attempt to reduce the environmental impact of the informal bottle collection business....."
have to decide

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