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The Hobbit: Bilbo's Hero's Journey

No description

Saif Hasan

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of The Hobbit: Bilbo's Hero's Journey

Bilbo's Journey Start Point Challenges Threshold Abyss The Return The Call His known world is The Shire. The Shire is a quiet hobbit state. Food is available all the time and they eat plenty. There are no other races but hobbits. Adventures are unheard of and are frowned upon. His adventure is to seek the long forgotten gold in the lonely mountain. He is to assist the dwarves going there by being there burglar. They must retake the treasure from Smaug, an evil dragon who took over the mountain killing many dwarves who used to live there and using the treasure as a bed. His call to adventure is forced. Bilbo meets Gandalf in the morning and flees when Gandalf mentions an adventure. Bilbo claims no one in the shire would want to go on an adventure. In order to escape Gandalf Bilbo invites him to tea the next day, and leaves Gandalf who takes this as a request for an adventure, and marks Bilbo’s door with his staff. The next day at tea time Dwarves pile into his home and before he can argue he is their burglar on their journey. Threshold His Threshold or unknown is anywhere that’s not the shire(Wilderness)The Hobbit is used to seven or more meals a day now he gets three puny meals a day. Physical labor is unknown to him. He is not used to the harmful forces of nature. Having no shelter, or scavenging for food. His Leap of faith is when he receives his first burglar task almost immediately after leaving his known world. He must go to a distant fire and try to get some help or shelter from the makers of the flames. Arriving there he sees the makers of the fire are 3 dangerous trolls. He sees the delicious meat they are feasting on and decides to try and steal some, instead of running back to the dwarves for help. Guardian His Guardian Gandalf the grey prepares Bilbo before he crosses the threshold. Bilbo Wakes up the next day feeling that the night before was a dream since everyone had gone. Gandalf arrives and shows him a note he missed telling him to be at an inn at eleven to begin the adventure. Gandalf assists him on making it there on time. Challenges Bilbo has many challenges or temptations. One, in riddles in the dark Bilbo is challenged mentally, because he must outsmart the creature golem. He grows or develops by gaining the one ring which is an important tool because it allows him to become invisible. He grows personally by letting his Baggins side out and using his wits to outsmart Golem. He learns that he does have the skills now to be a successful burglar. He succeeds by escaping the caves, Golem, and the goblins with the ring undetected. Two, in out of the frying pan into the fire Bilbo is challenged physically because his short height makes him unable to climb the trees to safety. It is a failure because Bilbo is not able to climb the trees on his own and forces the others to risk themselves to getting eaten by the wargs. Bilbo realizes that if he wants to contribute to this adventure he has to prove himself to Thorin, and to stop being a burden for his helpers continuously have to care for him as if he is an infant. Three, in flies and spiders Bilbo is challenged mentally and physically by tricking the spiders by making them think he was a floating sword and using his sword sting and skillful rock throwing to smite them. He succeeds in freeing his companions from the clutches of the massive spiders. Bilbo truly reveals his true Baggins side by showing bravery and gains the respect of the head dwarf, Thorin who believed he was useless. Helpers
The helpers are the dwarves who assist Bilbo by guiding him through life in the wilderness. Bilbo cannot make a fire, catch animals, find shelter, or protect himself. The dwarves provide all off those for him. Fili and kili make his fires, his pony was given to him by Thorin, He receives extra clothes from the dwarves, and a weapon(sting)If he didn’t have them he would not have survived on the adventure. He is not capable of caring for himself in dangerous places. Bilbo would have died of starvation or gone back to the shire if the dwarves weren’t with him. Mentor
His mentor is also Gandalf who advises Bilbo on the use of the ring. Gandalf tells him not to use it to much since it could be dangerous to him, and he could get attached. Leads Bilbo to the right answer in his abyss. With Gandalf’s guidance he chooses not to fight. He is different from a helper because he only pops up when needed by all the companions and does not help Bilbo with his individual challenges. Gandalf being the Grey wizard is one of the wisest characters in the universe, and uses his powers for good. He shows Bilbo the way and leads him to making the right decision towards the purpose of the adventure. Abyss Bilbo’s abyss is his most difficult challenge. The challenge is attempting to resolve the conflict between the dwarves, elves and Men. Many of the different races feel they deserve a part of the treasure. The elves believe they deserve a share after having the dwarves escape from them. The men believe that they own the gold for they brought down the terrible dragon Smaug. The Dwarf King Thorin is willing to risk everyone’s life to protect his gold. He believes 14 can defeat thousands. The initiate is facing death by being involved in the very dangerous battle of five armies. He conquers the abyss by allowing all the armies to band together against the goblins who are the real threat. Bilbo takes matters into his own hands, and steals the Arkenstone, Thorin’s most prized possession, and offers it to the other armies so they may bargain with Thorin, and have peace. After they bring the Arkenstone to the meeting Thorin has no choice but to make peace, and give everyone a fair share of the gold. Because of this when the Goblins arrive they all band to together to vanquish them. Revalation During his revelation he decides that the war over the gold is preposterous. Bilbo now understands that greed is not a fuel for war. He gives up his already guaranteed share of the treasure to solve the conflict between the races. Atonement Transformation His transformation is that now he can be a hero on his own and doesn’t need others to guide him through everything. He makes the right choice during the conflict over the gold. His decision is to save everyone else while going into danger. He is able to survive on his own, he no longer needs the dwarves to survive. He truly becomes a Baggins. He leaves his initial companions in order to save everyone from war. Bilbo is now a Hero for he has reached his true potential. He has sneaked past dragons and vanquished spiders, and united armies. The nobility he has shown proves he deserves to be a hero. His atonement is reconciling with Thorin after betraying him, and waking up with the battle won for the good side. Throughout the journey Bilbo’s took side had hindered him with cowardice, but now has almost been replaced by his adventurous brave Baggins side. He realizes it is important to go out into the world and make a difference but also that Food song and cheer should be valued more than hoarded gold. In Thorin’s last dying breaths he forgives Bilbo for the betrayal, for now he realizes that it had to be done and Bilbo has made the adventure successful. Thorin’s dream of having dwarves live happily in the lonely mountain again was accomplished all thanks to Bilbo. Return Through his return Bilbo has conquered the unknown by being able to make the entire journey back through the wild safely without assistance. He can take care of himself. All of the races have accepted Bilbo as a brave hero, for his actions brought them together, and enabled peace throughout the Middle Earth. Of course the goblins don’t like him, but they are of the darkness. He became an honored elf friend, and is welcome at Rivendell, and the wood elf Kingdom. He became welcome at the Dwarf Kingdoms also they wish him to return to their hall for great feasts, and has a mithril mail bestowed upon him. He also became honored in the house of men who are new to the world, and are becoming its future. They believe that Bilbo is an honorable, admirable, and heroic hobbit. The Gift The gift the hero has bestowed upon all of them is an abstract one. His gift is uniting all the races in friendship. By showing them how to forgive old grudges so they may honor new agreements. He unites them under one Banner. This leads to peace throughout Middle Earth. He creates a Middle Earth with less dangers and more hearty cheer than war.
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