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Copy of Mini-Poster Template

No description

Aaron Landry

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Mini-Poster Template

<Your Title Here>

The title should describe the work to the reader. Include the independent and dependent variables.
The introduction has two parts: 1) The question asked, 2) Background context—where does this question fit with what is known.
Research Question
This section should include two sections: Experimental Design and Procedure. The experimental design should include the independent and dependent variables, and controls (feel free to use graphic organizer). The procedure should be detailed enough to be repeatable.
Describe the results clearly. Use graphs, tables and charts to help clarify the results. Include a discussion on the statistics you use to describe or test your data. Save any conclusions for the DISCUSSION.
What do your results mean when you consider the original question or hypothesis? Point out the significance of your results. If the results are unexpected or contradictory, you should attempt to explain why. Be sure to point out possible avenues for further research.
Include all published works mentioned in your presentation. List in APA bibliographic form.

Experimental Design
-Concept of lab is identified and define.
- Biological importance of the concept is explained.
-All biological terms used are defined in context.
-Explains what materials were used.
-Where applicable hypothesis,
variables, and controls identified.
-Written in past tense.
-No personal pronouns.
-Accurately explains how experiment
was conducted.
-All necessary data/observations included.-Includes written results section.-Student makes accurate and complete observations. -Figures, graphs, and tables are neat (ruler), in pencil, properly labeled, complete, and accurate.
-Problem/hypothesis is addressed
-Data is explained.
-Data is directly referred to.
-Conclusion is an appropriate assessment of results – rational for assessment is given.-Ideas for future study -Sources of error affecting results are identified.
-Problem to be addressed is stated.

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