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Al Capone

No description

Naushil Sridhar

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Al Capone

Al Capone
(The infamous Scarface)
by Naushil Sridhar

Came to Chicago to escape murder charges. He also knew that Torrio was there

Eighteenth Amendment was passed. This outlawed the sale, manufacture, and transport of alcoholic beverages.
Bootlegging (to make, distribute, or sell illegal goods) was extremely profitable now

Colosimo was Capone's boss

Colosimo was shot in 1920
Torrio is the Boss
Torrio was 38 years old when he took over

Capone started to move up in the ranks

Torrio was ambushed in 1925

Capone was 26 when he took over Torrio's position

Johnny Torrio
Al Capone
Frank Wilson and Capone's end
Wilson was Elmer Irey's best officer. Irey was the head of the Treasury's Special Intelligence Unit

Capone had not paid taxes resulting in tax evasion

The ledger was full of Capone's names and amounts. Wilson was able to find the ledger's owner based on his handwriting. The owner told Wilson about Capone's gambling structure.

Ness and Wilson were able to collect enough evidence to prosecute Capone.

Capone was sentenced to Alcatraz for 11 years of hard labor

He died on January 25; 1947 because of paresis (a form of syphilis)

Capone is the Leader
Capone was more ruthless than other gang leaders

Capone could control elections in Chicago

Gang risks

St. Valentine's day Massacre

Early Days
Kicked out of school in the 6th grade because he hit a teacher

Torrio turned him over to crime

He was slashed with a razor. The slash left a hairless scar. Since then Capone was also known as Scarface

He attempted to maintain a legal career. Father's death turned him back to crime
Big Jim Colosimo
"(Al Capone)"
Gabrielle Capone immigrated to America from Italy

He brought his family

Children adopted American names

Slum house

Who was Al Capone?
What did he do?
How did he affect Chicago?

Chicago Map

Father's Gravestone
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