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Snowball vs. Napoleon

No description

Bella P

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of Snowball vs. Napoleon

Do their Names have Symbolic Meaning
Who is Snowball?
Snowball is a major character in the novel Animal Farm
He is known to be inventive and quick with his speech
Like the way all of the pigs are, Snowball is thought of as extremely clever
Persuasive and a "crowd winner"
Who is Napoleon?
Napoleon is another major character in the novel Animal Farm
Napoleon, unlike any other animal on the farm, is a Berkshire Boar
He is large and fierce-looking
Napoleon is known to be quiet, however has a reputation for getting his way
Known to have a great depth of character
Stalin and Trotsky in The Russian Revolution
How are the pigs related?
Snowball vs. Napoleon
How are they Alike?
They both are aware of their intelligence over the other animals
Both use their cleverness over the other animals for their benefits and to take advantage of them
They are both boars
Both have the goal of winning complete leadership of animal farm
Both try to plan and have control over everything that goes on in animal farm
Both don't preform any actual type of labor
Both believed humans are the enemy
They both favor the pigs

How are they Different?
Snowball is known to be a great talker, while Napoleon is very quiet
Snowball is passionate about strengthening the farm, while Napoleon is only focused on strengthening his power on the farm
Napoleon is known to have a greater depth of character than Snowball
Snowball is known to be more vivacious than Napoleon
They have different visions on how the farm should be ran. Napoleon envisions something closer to a dictatorship, while Snowball wants something closer to Old Major's original goals
What Role does Snowball play on the farm?
What Role does Napoleon play on the farm?
Snowball is one of the main leaders on Manor Farm. After Old Major dies, he, along with a boar named Napoleon, basically take over. Snowball is very focused on strengthening the farm and making the animals literate, however only to his advantage. He does not in fact do any physical work, but oversees it. His final goals are selfish, however he does look to build up the farm and train the animals on it.
Napoleon takes power on the farm with Snowball after Old Major dies. Though the two of them can never find agreement, they both are looked at as the leaders of the farm. Napoleon can be looked at as more of a silent leader however. He's always present at the early meetings, however, Napoleon never actually contributes to the revolution. The other farm animals might not realize it, but Napoleon never shows interest in the strength of the farm, only in the strength of his power over it. While most other animals are either doing hard labor, or at least trying to establish programs or ideas, he is only doing or watching over what he can benefit from.
Leon Trotsky first inserted himself in the Revolution while still a teenager
He was known to be extremely intelligent
He was involved in revolutionary groups and was arrested at the age of 19 for writing and printing revolutionary literature as well as for helping organize a strike
Due to the Bolsheviks having no control over the vast amount of Russia, and the fact that many groups opposed the Bolsheviks, a civil war took place
Though once in disagreement with Lenin, Trotsky was named as Commissar of War from Vladimir, giving him full control over how the newly formed Red Army worked
Trotsky's main job and goal focused on eradicating those who wanted the destroy the Bolsheviks. Though untrained, Trotsky excelled at his job
The Red Army, by 1921, had won the civil war with the helpful leadership of Leon Trotsky. Because of this, it was assumed Trotsky would be the next leader after the suffering Lenin.
Stalin first really became apart of the Revolution when he became a follower of Vladimir Lenin
He went to secret meetings and distributed leaflets for him
Stalin was known to be a great organizer, however the part he played in the November 1917 Revolution was small.
Because the skills Stalin gained while helping organize the Bolshevik Party proved to be invaluable after 1917, he was only rewarded seemingly unimportant party positions
Though no one wanted them, Stalin felt they gave him a perfect insight into who he could really trust to support him
Stalin, in earlier times, had been looked at as dull by the intellectual elite of the Bolshevik Party.
Because Lenin had died in January 1924, a new successor was needed . Though it would seem logical for Trotsky to be the next leader, his success in keeping the revolution alive created many enemies for him. Joseph Stalin at the same time had acquired a unique insight into the party due to his "unimportant" party powers. He had supporters coming from two different bases - those who believed in him, and those who disliked Trotsky. Stalin's belief of 'Socialism in One Country' also became far more popular than Trotsky's belief of 'Permanent Revolution'
With a weak body and few friends, Trotsky could not fight Stalin, a man who had quietly and effectively built up a large power base within the party.
In 1927, Stalin gained enough confidence to expel Trotsky from the Communist Party and eventually Russia two years later.
In the novel Animal Farm, Snowball represents Leon Trotsky
Like Trotsky, Snowball values the ideals of the revolution
He is very passionate about the revolution and the strength of the farm, a lot like Trotsky's passion of keeping the Revolution alive
Like Trotsky stuck with what he believed in and was brave, Snowball was stubborn and did what he could to continue the animal rebellion's existence
In the novel Animal Farm, Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin
Like Stalin, Napoleon is "power obsessed" and doesn't necessarily do things for the good of the group, but himself
Stalin and Napoleon both fly under the radar and don't pull much attention to themselves
Like Stalin didn't actually do much to contribute to the Revolution, Napoleon never does any work to help out with the rebellion
The most obvious way Stalin and Trotsky are represented by Napoleon and Snowball are the individuals' relationships. The way Napoleon unexpectedly gains full power over the farm and eventually gets rid of Napoleon is exactly how Stalin became the successor and had expelled Trotsky from Russia.
The Relationship
Snowball's name has symbolic meaning as it directly relates to the term "snowball"
In the beginning of the novel, Snowball seemed to be not much of a threat, just a clever pig who wanted to create and run a civil community on the farm
As the story goes on, Snowball seems to become more and more dishonest, and like a tyrant.
The other farm animals begin to fear him
The "snowball" gets even larger when Napoleon influences the animals to see Snowball as a spy and traitor
His reputation "snowballs" and he comes to represent an abstract of evil.
"The Snowball Effect"
Thought of as a figurative term
It represents the process of something that begins from an initial state of small significance, and continues to grow in significance
Depending on the circumstances, the growth of the "snowball" can be beneficial or very serious or dangerous
This analogy makes sense because, like something small can turn out big, a small ball of snow can grow and gain more mass as it continues to roll in the snow
Napoleon's name has symbolic meaning as it represents the French "Emperor", Napoleon Bonaparte, and in a way all dictators
Napoleon, like Bonaparte, basically ends up running a dictatorship
Like Bonaparte crowned himself as emperor, Napoleon, without the consent of the farm animals basically took over the farm
In both Bonaparte's and Napoleon's situations though, no one stopped them from doing so; actually in the beginning, both were welcomed
Like Napoleon Bonaparte was very good with and focused on military, in the novel, Napoleon created a military base of his own; it was his main focus actually
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte was known for revolutionizing military organization and training, sponsoring the Napoleonic code, and for reorganizing education
He had been a French military leader who conquered much of Europe in the early 19th century.
Throughout the French Revolution (1789-1799), he rapidly rose through the ranks of the military
Bonaparte found much success in 1799 when he seized political power in France in a coup d’état
His successes gave him the ability to eventually crown himself emporer in 1804
Though he was a dictator, he was well welcomed by the citizens.
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