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Finks Taxonomy

A visualization of the theories on interactive "significant learning" conceived by Dr. Lee Fink, U of OK

Glen Gummess

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Finks Taxonomy

Learning that enables more effective interaction between selves and others. Discovery of personal or social implications of learned information. Better understanding of how others behave. Greater understanding of self or vision of "ideal self"
Some verbs: "Reflect", "Assess"
Foundational Knowledge provides the basic understanding that is necessary for other kinds of learning
Understanding and recalling specific information and ideas. Basic knowledge in a given field. Understanding major ideas or perspectives.
Some verbs: "Name", "List", Describe"
Application learning allows other kinds of learning to become useful.
Putting learning to work. Critical, creative, and practical thinking. Development of certain skills. Learning how to manage complex projects.
Some verbs: "Analyze", "Interpret", "Apply"
The act of making new connections gives learners a new form of power, especially intellectual power.
Learning that comes from being able to see and understand the connections between different things. Making connections between specific ideas, between whole realms of ideas, between people, between school, work, leisure life and other "realms of life".
Some verbs: "Describe", "Integrate"
This kind of learning informs students about the human significance of what they are learning.
When students care about something, they then have the energy they need for learning more about it and making it a part of their lives. Without the energy for learning, nothing significant happens.
New feelings, interests, values. Greater degree of caring than before.
Some verbs: "Reflect", "Interpret"
This kind of learning enables students to continue learning in the future and to do so with greater effectiveness.
Learning something about the process of learning itself. How to be a better student. Engage in new methods of inquiry like the scientific method. Emergence or strengthening of self-directed learning.
Some verbs: "Critique", "Analyze"
What is "significant learning"?
This self-guided presentation is adapted from the work of Dr. Lee Fink, Director of the Instructional Development Program at the University of Oklahoma; the author of Creating Significant Learning Experiences (Jossey-Bass, 2003). You can find his 8-page white paper which inspired this "prezi" at http://www.wcu.edu/WebFiles/PDFs/facultycenter_SignificantLearning.pdf
These various kinds of learning are synergistic
You, the teacher do not have to give up one kind of learning to achieve another.
If you teach the student how to fish (Application), you may get them excited about fishing (Caring)
When all six of these kinds of learning converge together, you get...
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