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A Hydraulic Volcano

No description

Rayna Puittinen

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of A Hydraulic Volcano

Movement of Lava in Volcanoes!
How Fluids and Dynamics Shape our Daily Lives:
Fluids and Dynamics are very important in our lives. Volcanoes don't really have the most positive impact on the way we live, but there are different hydraulic and pneumatic systems we use every day, such as taps, vacuums, dental tools, and many more. We depend on them to give us the things we need like water, plumbing, and oil.
- Volcanoes have killed hundreds of people.
- www.Howstuffworks.com
BY: Rayna Puittinen
A volcano is a hydraulic system!
Volcanoes form when "chambers of magma", or molten rock, boil to the surface. These magma chambers are usually sealed for many years in between eruptions until pressure builds up enough to break through a vent, like a crack or weak spot. The explosion makes a giant crater were lava and ash come out, making the cone.
This shows that in the magma chamber, there is high pressure. The volcano explodes because high pressure wants to reach low pressure. A hydraulic system is a system that carries pressure through liquid, and a volcanoes liquid is magma.
A simple diagram of a volcano
+ Volcanoes are a good representation of a hydraulic system.
+ Ash from volcanoes have minerals that have nutrients for soil for growing plants, and very fine ash can break down into soil.
( kind of weird, right?)
- Volcanoes have very wide-range effects, that are devastatingly powerful.
-Google images
- www.livescience.com
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