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Glue stick.

No description

Sara Ferrer

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of Glue stick.

By: Sara Ferrer Glue stick. Uses: Desing: The product: History How the object works? -Name: glue stick -Do you know the product by its name or by its brand ?: By its name. -Is the name of the product given by its author or by the product itself?: By the product itself. -Has the name any relationship with the product?: Yes, because is a bar with glue inside. -How does the product work globally?: -What are the functions of the different parts of the product and how do they work together?: The cap prevents the glue dries, the tube contains the glue and the elevator allows the glue go up and down. Views Front view Side view Top view If we increase it size it'll be uncomfortably
to use and if we reduce it we won't apply it
to big surfaces. Materials -What materials the object is made from.
It is made of plastic and glue.

-Why those materials have been used to make the object. Advantages of these materials from any other possible materials
The cover is made of plastic and the plastic is waterproof. For example if we had use cardboard the glue inside has had wet.

-Are the materials suitable for this type of product?
Yes, they are.

-Are they quality materials or do they make the product look cheap?
They aren't quality materials, it is cheap.

-Do the materials present any problem (toxics, environment..) ?
Yes, if you eat it you get intoxicated. The cost -How much will it cost to manufacture the product and how much will it sell for in the shops?
To manufacture it maybe 0.50€ and in the shops it is sell for 1€ The needs Needs that intended to meet:
You'll need it for lots of things but not for anything
very important. -What was used BEFORE the product? Probably it was the resin from trees or blood from the animals.
-When was used for the first time?
80000 years ago.
-How has been the evolution of the product until now?
First it was the resin from trees and the blood from animals, then the animals' skin, some types of wood, the phenolic resin...

-How do you see its future?
Well, I think maybe they will improve the resistance. Personal comments: Well, for me the glue stick is very usefull,
for example, at the school because you can
stick images in your notebook or some
worksheets... Links for help: http://www.losadhesivos.com/historia-de-los-adhesivos.html http://www.wordreference.com/es/ http://www.google.es/imghp?hl=es&tab=wi http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glue_stick THE END What could happen to the product if we’ll increase or reduce it size?
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