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Maniac Magee

No description

Erik Webster

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee By: Erik Webster By: Erik Webster Chapter 1 In chapter 1 it explains how Maniac's parents died in a trolley crash because of a drunk driver. It also tells you how he ended up living with his aunt and uncle and he ran away from his aunt and uncle. In chapter 2 it tells you that (Maniac's) real name is Jeffrey... Magee and in that chapter you learned what the lost year is. It's when he went from Bridgeport to Two Mills, when it took him 1 year, when probably should've only taken him a couple days. Also it says how all he did was say "hi" and then was gone, running again. Chapter 2 The 1st kid that Maniac ever talked to was Amanda Beale, and she was carrying a suitcase and it looked like she was headed for school. So he asked what was in it, she said books, my library, because everything my younger siblings got their hands on, well they were coloured on.So Maniac begged Amanda for 1 book, and he got. So he read it. Chapter 3 Jeffrey made other appearances, at football Brian Denehy made a pass to his favourite receiver Hands Down but the ball never got to Hands but this kid holding a book in 1 hand and the football in the other. That kid had caught the football, Brian and Hands were still stunned. Later that day at 803 oriole st. and at that spot that had been Finerwal's, backyard. Highschoolers threw Arnold Jones into the backyard of Finsterwald's, and it was silent until, they heard chattering. Then one highschoolerssaid" hear that... he's got the finsterwalies". The finsterwalies are a violent chattering of the arms and legs. Then some kid with a book came into the backyard picked Arnold up and brought him out. Chapter 4 and 5 Maniac Magee Amanda Beale In chapter 6 Maniac went to the Pickwells house and had supper, and they didn't even notice because there are so many Pickwell kids. All of the kids thought that Maniac was, for instance it was Duke's new friend or it was Deidre's new boyfriend. So at the end of supper while they were arguing they noticed that the kid was gone and they followed him to the train tracks but then they saw him running on the steel rail itself. Chapter 6 Next time Jeffrey was spotted was at the baseball diamond when John McNab who had struck out 16 people in that game that had just happened. There was only 1 type of ball he threw: ... the fastball. McNab was still striking people out after the game and boy, was he loving it. Then there was some new kid that was up to bat, his name was Jeffrey Magee, and so as what he did to all the other kids he threw the ball, and guess what...........he actually HIT the ball, the 1st person that had ever hit McNab's fastball and there was dead silence, and then McNab was mad, he said " Go get me another ball". So, he threw again, and Jeffrey hit again. So McNab said I can't throw when I have to take a whiz. So when he came back he threw a frog and Jeffrey bunted it, and he got a four bagger, the first frog bunted four bagger. Chapter 7 That is how Jeffrey got his name Maniac, the town was buzzing about the new kid how he carried around a book and intercepted Brian D'enehy's pass to Hands and the kid who rescued Arnold Jones from Finsterwald's backyard and the kid hit McNab's fastball and then circuled sacks on a bunted frog. Nobody knows who said that kids a maniac but nobody else knew his real name except Amanda, of course. Now the legend has his name. But not an address unless the shad at the zoo counts. Everyday Maniac was reading the book and he brought it everywhere he went and was keeping it in perfect condition. Chapter 8 John McNab couldn't stand having his record blown , so he thought if you beat him up it's the same thing as striking him out. So McNab and his pals called the Cobras went looking for the kid, one day they saw him on the tracks by park on Oriole st. so the Cobras ran after him and then they came to Hector st. which was the border of the East End and the West End, and the kid (Maniac) ran across the border and he looked back but the Cobras weren't following him. Chapter 9 Maniac was walking down the street and some kid just jumped right in front of Maniac and maniac tried to walk around the kid but the kid just stepped over and plopped himself right in front of maniac again. the kid said "where you goin" and maniac said " I'm looking for Sycamore st, do you know where it is" the kid responded " Yah" and maniac said "well can you tell me" and the kid said no and later the kid said want to take a bite of my chocolate bar and maniac said ok and he took a bite and handed it back and said thanks. The kid said whats that pointing to maniac's hand and maniac said a book and the kid took it from him and ripped a page and then this lady came out of her house and said give it back and the kid did. Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Maniac was jogging in a hurry trying to find 728 Sycamore St. and then he heard " Hey Fishbelly"and he turned around and saw Mars Bar, but he wasn't alone he had other kids with him and mars bar ripped a page out of the book that Maniac was holding and then some girl walked in and said "that you Jeffrey" and she told the boys to go away. Then Maniac said "they took it from me and crumpled it" Amanda was mad for a second then said " want to come to my house, we can fix it" so they went to her house. Chapter 12 They walked in and Amanda said "mom, this is Jeffrey Magee" so they walked on and then there were two little kids standing there, 1 was a boy and the other was a girl. The boy was Lester and the girl was Hester, they played for a while, and Maniac was still there when Mr. Beale came back from his Saturday shift at the tire factory, he was there for dinner and he helped Amanda mend her torn book. Later, Hester and Lester came down stairs with a book in their hand with Amanda chasing after them, they reached the bottom of the stairs and jumped on Maniac's lap and handed him the book, Lyle Lyle Crocodile, so manic read it to them. So Amanda's parents told maniac he should probably go home because his parents are probably wondering where he was, so Mr. Beale drove maniac around and maniac waited a couple minutes and then said "this is it" but Mr. Beale didn't let maniac out because the car was right in front of a little lane with a dumpster, so Mr. Beale drove maniac back to 728 Sycamore and Amanda gave up her room so maniac could sleep on a bed, so she slept in Hester and Lester's room. She was alright with giving up her room because she never really sleeps in her own room anyways, she always sleeps with Hester and Lester. Chapter 13 Every night Maniac played with the little one's, read them stories,did the dishes when he wasn't even asked. Amanda felt guilty, so she dried them. He carried out the trash, mowed the lawn, turned out lights, put caps back on their toothpaste. One night Mrs. Bale came in to check on Maniac and he wasn't even in his bed, he was on the floor, sleeping. He normally didn't want to go on chairs either, if he was aloud he'd sat on the ground. Maniac made the Beale's do nothing most the time because he would do everything. Hester and Lester love getting baths as long as Amanda took one with them, after 4 grade Amanda stopped taking baths. So Hester and Lester went on strike, but now that Maniac's here they love to take baths. One day Hester and Lester said " come look, Jeffrey's has red dots", so they took him to the doctor. The doctor said" what did he have for dinner last night" They replied " pizza". So everyone went home and they just found out what Maniac's alergic to. Pizza. Chapter 14 & 15 Maniac loved his new life, his new sneakers, he loved ran he ran on the streets in the morning with Bow Wow. Then one day Hands spotted Maniac and thought is that the kid that stole my pass in gym class. He went over to him and they played, deked out all the kids, did amazing passes. Maniac was famous, he played so many sports, when he played football he never had to talk, Hands did it for him. Hands always trash talked people. Maniac started to like it. Mrs. Beale was baking meatloaf one night when Maniac walked and started to trash talk, Mrs. Beale slapped him. He stood back, then he hugged her and said " I'm sorry". Later that night Maniac decided to tackle some time with the encyclopedia "A". Amanda wouldn't let Maniac ever read it, but he read it without her knowing sometimes. Chapter 16 & 17 Maniac was blind, sort of. He could see McNab's fastball but he was blind because he didn't see why Mars Bar didn't like him. Other kids don't like a kid who's allergic to pizza, or is another colour, Maniac didn't see why other kids didn't like him. Maniac couldn't see why, then all of a sudden he did. It was a hot day so Maniac went to a waterpark with the Beale's, they were playing then one kid said " Whitey, you move on, go back to your own kind". Maniac said "I am home, I live at 728 sycamore" " Move along" he said again. Then Maniac said it really slowly that he lives at 728 sycamore. So Maniac left and went back home to 728 sycamore and the next morning he saw Mrs. Beale scrubbing the brick outside. She had finished scrubbing off the "F". THe wall said "ISHBELLY GO HOME" Chapter 18 & 19 Maniac said that he had to leave because he was causing the Beale family trouble because he was a white in the West End. Amanda tried to get him to not leave but she couldn't, so Maniac left. Then Amanda told Maniac about Kobble's knot, so Maniac thought if he could untie the knot everyone would like him. So he went to attempt to untie the knot. Chapter 20 They brought out the knot, and hung it from a flagpole. He climbed and started examining it, and he realized that this was a knot that would stand a fight. A lot of people from both the West and the East End because Cobble's knot was on Hector street witch holds the border from the East and the West End. After a while Maniac found the end, and now the fight had started. After a bit Maniac did the least unexpected thing, he lay down and took a nap. When he awoke he started again and after a long time, someone said " He's done, he unknoted cobble's knot". Everyone cheered. Chapter 21 Everyone screamed and had fireworks, and everyone was partying and screaming except Amanda Beale. The confeti scraps were Amanda's encyclopedia A and Maniac felt bad but Amanda said that it was her fault because she left the book on the front porch on the ground because she was reading it and she went with Maniac to watch him untie the knot. Chapter 22 Every day a stranger went over a fence and 1 day he had fell and the stranger was in the zoo and fell in the bison pen and saw a kid so he picked up the kid.
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