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Language Learning: Face to Facebook

No description

Jeremy Wildenberg

on 17 August 2012

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Transcript of Language Learning: Face to Facebook

e lended learning c arify misconceptions cultural
awareness ontinue conversations bservations wareness xpand espect avail bility foster c hesion se xpectations end a hand instructor ocus on
learning C L P ransformative acilitate usy Survey:
Like most?
facilitate language
improve cultural awareness
build classroom community
improvements/changes? expectations / rules homework updates instructor led activities
earning ollaborative reflective ractice lack of Why social media and web 2.0? artnership From Observation to Participation Lesson Objectives
Familiarize you with the most common web 2.0 tools
Determine how and if you should use them tools Why Social Media and Web 2.0?

Meet your students where they are

Engage students with dynamic media

Facilitate collaboration

Monitor student progress

Teach students in a realistic learning environment

Create/leverage learning communities
Continue class conversations online
Clarification of course content
Develop rapport
Learn about your students
Be available
Build community in the classroom
Record/History of interactions allow you to be a reflective practitioner + Potential Pitfalls Continue class conversations online
Moderate discussions and set expectations
Each class is different (instructor led vs. student led)
Clarification of course content
Don’t be the only source in your course
Develop rapport
Be careful about the tone of your comments
Learn about your students
Be available
Set limits so your students know when you’ll be online
The more you give, the more they’ll take Advantages of Social Media - What is Prezi? What is Prezi? Prezi is an online presentation
software that uses a graphical
interface. Some people consider
it more engaging for students. Advantages
More Visually stimulating
Spatially oriented
Quickly move within your presentation
Use information embedded in images
Great for:
looking "inside" something Challenges
No animations
No embedded audio
Limited formatting options
No multilanguage support Screencast-o-matic A screen capture tool, which lets you capture audio and video from your computer desktop. It is great for making short tutorials for students. Prezi Facebook Diigo Skype Google Tools YouTube Blogger What can you do with Diigo?
Save bookmarks
Highlight and annotate web text
Tag text
Save snapshots of webpages
Work with a group to research info
Participate in discussion threads by Jeremy Wildenberg "Rules" to teach by
Be fearless
Be honest
Be innovative
Be flexible (Semper Gumbi)
Never let tech interfere
Have a backup Using Social Media and Web 2.0 in your classroom Moderator
Google+ “the single biggest problem facing education today is that our Digital Immigrant instructors, who speak an outdated language (that of the pre-digital age), are struggling to teach a population that speaks an entirely new language.”

Marc Prensky.
Digital Immigrants/Digital natives http://www.google.com which ones do you use? Questions? Work Time! http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/13366339/episode-1-the-restaurant http://jayydubb75.edu.glogster.com/educ-361-orientation/
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